Episode 317 ~Bad Hair Day Will~

I’m the boy in the hood, straight out of suburbs variety, and in this life, I’ve had hands, headbands, a plethora of hoodies though now I only want a crown, a halo for my angel, and a roof over B III’s head. Bad Hair Day Will, no time.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Episode 317 ~Bad Hair Day Will~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and you would still find me in a black hoodie, matching jeans. As the song goes all black everything. Still, between you and me, one reason I don’t like “some” people, is because of my hair. You know I’ve always been partial to brunettes. Now one piece of advice I wish my mother had given me was that when a woman changes her hair, it usually means something. So um, did you do something with yours?

Anyway, a bad hair day for me is putting on a football helmet, a baseball cap. Anything sports related short of Olympic season or Kofi Kingston being champion. If our kids are jocks though they have my full support or I’m a hostage, SEND HELP. Speaking of rescue, I’m still not one to be the knight in shining armor. To quote another song, “I am the man that will fight for your honor.” Only it looks like I should have worn the helmet right? Is that why I still wear the hoodies in the summer, and that’s when I go out at all. I’ll have days when my pillow is my best friend, though B III will intervene. I’m lucky I still have eyes today.

Do I need to go and get a haircut? I get the same thing every time. Shave it all, the better to wear my crown. I have businesses to run, a family to provide for, and I’m sure we’ll be in the spotlight. Back to helmets, except for the eunuch part, I wouldn’t mind playing Grey Worm and going to some conventions. Now, who would you be love? That explains part of why I married you ha. Another would be I’m relaxed with you. An easy tell I know. If I take off my hoodie, buy you a matching one or the sweetest thing would be giving you my own.

Also, you don’t laugh at me for wearing a headband. Yes, I like Cobra Kai and didn’t I build my private dojo, though I’m more a lover than a fighter. When I was a kid, I hated people touching my head. However, lying here in your lap? Yeah, now I know why Triple B does it often. Only today beautiful I’ll put the comb down and won’t bother with the mirror as your eyes tell no Bad Hair Day Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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