Episode 316 ~There’s Power In The Dollar~

A “strange” man once rapped “no one man should have all that power” I swear if I were a rich man, sadly I might be a card-carrying member of the Republican Party because I know I want it all. There’s Power In The Dollar.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Episode 316 ~There’s Power In The Dollar~

Eighty-Fourth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now. I have to believe that and in my rule more than anything at this particular moment. As today’s affirmation was “Whatever It Takes,” and now I’m praying to be Jack Skellington asking, what have I done? I need to bounce back. The usual first thought when I realize my negativity is ahem Yes I Have A Million Dollars. Hell Madam Justice I spend two hours daily in my Spotify playlist Show Me The Money.

Which do I love more though, power or women, that is what brings me here today. The strength I don’t possess but the women I want. Now I know the things that money can do. Only like anybody walking the planet, I want more. Well, not the people that don’t know about pay but anyway This Is America. Now that small piece of paper might as well be an energy bar. When I think about it, video game health bars are usually green, blue, or gold. You’re going to have me sounding like Martin Lawrence in Boomerang in a minute. My GREEN bar has taken a significant hit, but it’s that blow making me not fear for my life but feel this life for once.

Not meaning I’m not afraid. I’m the greatest monster creator you’ve ever met ha. With enough money, I can let the beast out to play. Still, that’s what I started today. Though I came off more as ma’am, I want some more, please. Call it a lack of faith on my part Madam Justice that I don’t believe in money or I don’t have enough. Women will hate me for saying this, but they all have a price “Heartless Prince” by Stella Hart. I’m on constant repeat with this, but Money Can Make Anyone Beautiful. Could that be it, dear Madam Justice? I need enough money never to be invisible.

How many times have I said, with the right amount, I pay off my Olds and then tell my “father” I never want to see him ever again. What about paying girls not to imagine all the things I want to do to them or to pretend I’m someone else. No, I want to be that someone else. Only with sending in that money, I have to change and soon. There’s no choice but to LIVE The Impossible Dream because There’s Power In The Dollar.

I Will Have No Fear

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