Gospel 118 ~Will To Be Heroes~

Wasn’t it this time last week, I complained about not having dinner yet? It’s because the blankets have been over my head and the slow jams crooning in my ears. Somebody once sang that Love is the answer, but I’m more old school. “Will To Be Heroes.”

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Gospel 118 ~Will To Be Heroes~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I can stand to fly. Now I’m not like one of these “religious” people who need 4 jets. My Love, as the song goes, “It takes two, baby.” I want a personal one for work and, um, the one they talk about in Nickleback’s Rockstar.

No wonder I’m not hearing a whole lot these days. One more reason that I’m glad you can sing. Of course, I’m not John Legend, Tech N9ne, Hopsin, or B.o.B. I’m not even Wayne Brady. What about Marvin Gaye? I’ve been listening to Marvin a lot lately, with this world. It’s one of the reasons I should be listening to Teddy Pendergrass. The man was speaking to us and everybody else. I can go from “Come Go with Me” to “Wake Up Everybody.” Now, do I call him a hero?

On the one hand, I dared to talk to you, baby girl, um yeah. On the other, what am I doing to help the world? I’m just now waking up in more ways than one. What can I say? I love the things I do now, but that doesn’t mean I still don’t want to take a nice nap always.

It’s hard being a man sometimes. Know in no way am I discounting women. For a minute, I was about to jump on the “Trump Train” shudders. Yeah, I’m going to Hell, but I’m nowhere near that EVIL. I wanted to say, you’re my wife, we got children and Dæmon. Now my point is if I can ever get around to it. I’ve said this before that I’m a man of many hats. I want to be king of the castle… or I can pretend. I want our life together to be an adventure, Indiana Jones theme. With COVID, Alpha’s right, “we’re all monsters now.” It is pretty close to Halloween, and I want to take the kids to Trick or Treating too. My mom did that for my sister and me. I don’t know what they want to be, but I thought about all the hats and masks I don’t wear. Being a Handyman, fedoras, man in the mirror.

I talk about being king, but I’m no prince charming, no knight in shining armor, a soldier. I’m nowhere near Superman. Only You Make Me Better. In the darkness, our LOVE, Will To Be Heroes.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 317 ~Bad Hair Day Will~

I’m the boy in the hood, straight out of suburbs variety, and in this life, I’ve had hands, headbands, a plethora of hoodies though now I only want a crown, a halo for my angel, and a roof over B III’s head. Bad Hair Day Will, no time.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Episode 317 ~Bad Hair Day Will~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and you would still find me in a black hoodie, matching jeans. As the song goes all black everything. Still, between you and me, one reason I don’t like “some” people, is because of my hair. You know I’ve always been partial to brunettes. Now one piece of advice I wish my mother had given me was that when a woman changes her hair, it usually means something. So um, did you do something with yours?

Anyway, a bad hair day for me is putting on a football helmet, a baseball cap. Anything sports related short of Olympic season or Kofi Kingston being champion. If our kids are jocks though they have my full support or I’m a hostage, SEND HELP. Speaking of rescue, I’m still not one to be the knight in shining armor. To quote another song, “I am the man that will fight for your honor.” Only it looks like I should have worn the helmet right? Is that why I still wear the hoodies in the summer, and that’s when I go out at all. I’ll have days when my pillow is my best friend, though B III will intervene. I’m lucky I still have eyes today.

Do I need to go and get a haircut? I get the same thing every time. Shave it all, the better to wear my crown. I have businesses to run, a family to provide for, and I’m sure we’ll be in the spotlight. Back to helmets, except for the eunuch part, I wouldn’t mind playing Grey Worm and going to some conventions. Now, who would you be love? That explains part of why I married you ha. Another would be I’m relaxed with you. An easy tell I know. If I take off my hoodie, buy you a matching one or the sweetest thing would be giving you my own.

Also, you don’t laugh at me for wearing a headband. Yes, I like Cobra Kai and didn’t I build my private dojo, though I’m more a lover than a fighter. When I was a kid, I hated people touching my head. However, lying here in your lap? Yeah, now I know why Triple B does it often. Only today beautiful I’ll put the comb down and won’t bother with the mirror as your eyes tell no Bad Hair Day Will.

I Will Have No Fear

Adjusting My Hat

I hear the words, masquerading as a man with a reason, which of course I have none and rather than accept it I pretend. Adjusting My Hat… I just got my hair cut and felt somewhat bald or I just like my hood; if anything it’s what’s I think?

As if I were some hood
What is it I’m hiding?
Want to know… you should
Hate what you’re not abiding
And I know you would
That’s why I’m not surviving
It’s for the common good?
From the pope’s skullcap
All I am a blunder
Is it time for a nap
Who are you my mother?
Don’t tell me I’m trapped
Still I’m not like the others
The frequency I fap

For love is quite illegal
While I wear this sombrero
Could I be more regal?
How I need the dinero
But that wouldn’t be legal
To Nevada, should I go?
Fly like an eagle

If only I could play
Don’t lose my head
I should Tebow everyday
Yeah that’s what I said
Could there be a way
Not lying here in bed
Alone another day

Should I put on my Fedora?
Will I control my fate?
Go to Bora, Bora
Just to get away
Shall I lie amongst the flora
You say it’s a mistake
Yet I want more of…

Where is my mind?
Isn’t it what’s under?
The reason and the rhymes
Everything I wonder
Mad Hatter sublime

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.