Log 225 ~Will And “Folk” Heroes~

One day I’ll hear those words, “Help me Daddy,” yeah, I know what I’m thinking but I’m serious, I’ll always be there for my family and no, I’m not a hero. They’ll also talk about meeting the folks me and my wife. Will And “Folk” Heroes

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Log 225 ~Will And “Folk” Heroes~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, even after I gave my parents a few million, so I’ll never see them again, well, dad. If I ever become my father, do what you think is right, but don’t become my mother. You don’t deserve mistreatment or anything less than to be the goddess you are My Love. The one thing I ever learned from my father was money, and he’s not a rich man. Indeed most of my heroes are rich men, and I don’t know how they did family life. With what I do for a living, most people ask how I dare to be a father.

My “Big Sister” told me once, “you can’t build a strip club, next to a school.” I wholeheartedly agree, and while I won’t keep any secrets from you when it comes to our children? Now I’m Sonny Corinthos saying my kids will never be part of the MOB. There was another woman who worked for me once and is an awesome mom. My business is one thing, but respecting her as a woman is another. People do as they like, and I wouldn’t want you or any of my family to know disrespect for my dealings. It’s hard wanting to be one man and then wanting to live the dream, and would I surrender one for the other? Again I don’t know how they do it, baby girl. Writers like Todd Michaels and S. Wolf; there are others, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

I still don’t want to be my old man, thinking I give money, so that’s love. Who has to be terrifying or full of rage to hide insecurities and anxiety. I’m never going to hit our kids or threaten them with any violence. They will never feel ashamed of themselves, and I swear if anyone ever calls them STUPID.

Now they say boys marry girls that remind them of their mothers. You can have her intelligence, her heart, and talk about courage. Will I call her the epitome of parenting? My sister has two kids with different dads, and how did I turn out? Then I look at my firstborn, and I always say I love him like pancakes. I couldn’t love him more if I poured the Bisquick myself. For all our kids, we can be the best parents, Will And “Folk” Heroes.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 154 ~Heroes Die Or Must Watch~

Last week I talked about being hurt, you know who gets a lot of that, heroes unless you’re Superman maybe and at this stage in the game I’m far more Marvel than DC, that’s the truth, but I’m also no hero. Heroes Die Or Must Watch.

Monday, December 2, 2019

Log 154 ~Heroes Die Or Must Watch~

Hundred And Thirteenth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I’m no hero. Well, sure, I walked my Dæmon around a pretty big dog today. I might have stopped following people on Twitter because I want to be a better man. So what I had a big lunch today and I’m fighting off sleep. Madam Justice, I wouldn’t mind being the hero, but I’m not. Wasn’t I telling Cherry the other day about Climate Change and how people should worry and be fearful? What am I doing to save the Earth? How about a friend who’s hurting? I wouldn’t help merely out of the kindness of my heart, sad to say?

As one rule goes, Heroes Die. If that’s the case, I want to live. Yes, I heard what I said, and to be clear, I’m not a doctor either. I should stop talking about my ear before I end up like Left Ear from The Italian Job. We’ll get back to my love of movies later. One more thing I’m thinking about is charity. I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but I only give to animals and NaNoWriMo. Madam Justice, I will never understand why the least amongst us are always asked to pay. There are people with billions that don’t even pay taxes. One day I will stop repeating myself, but I told you before my aunt said I wanted to destroy the world. Why would I do anything like that, there’s no profit in that undertaking. I’m also not Ozymandias; Talk about a hero to villain.

Okay, so movies, name one where the world became a utopia? Heroes fight, but they will be fighting forever, leaving wars to their children. You know, depending on the circumstances, I can watch pain. I read the His Dark Materials series, and they talk about building the Republic of Heaven where they are. It’s no place else but here and now Madam Justice. I don’t want to destroy the world, but I don’t think I can save it either. How about one more movie, The Core. A scientist was trying to keep his family; only three people alive because it was too much to save everyone. You know I would die for my Dæmon no question but to give him and a family a future? Down With President Trump. Black Lives Matter, whatever Greta Thunberg goes on about but me?

Heroes Die Or Must Watch

I Will Have No Fear

Log 056 ~We Save What We Love~

Rose’s sister gave her life to save the Resistance, “Sister Maria” was almost died to fulfill Raphael’s dream, FYI that doesn’t work on real women, a redhead told me no to my fantasy, one more thing saved online and in my head. “We Save What We Love”

Monday, August 26, 2019

Log 056 ~We Save What We Love~

Ninety-Ninth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, and you know I’m trying to save money. I love sleep, I love my kid. Should I say my phone and Facebook too? What about women, no real temptation today. Well, Sesskasays aka Jessica and Katie o’shaughnessy. Of course this is because Fear The Walking Dead last night. There is a place in my heart for brunettes. Still, I blame Jessica, Willow, and Ellie for my redhead fetish. Tattoos aren’t my thing ahem MILF Dos, but her and Katie, talk about dedication or love.

I’m going to get a few of my own someday. Tattoos I mean, one for my son and one for every book I publish. Again saving what we love, my writing, and the reason we have our daily conversation. Day 786 in truth. Not that it matters, but I saw this is my 1,002 blogpost. If saving something means you love it, poor me indeed. How about I chalk up everything to saving my black ass (LANGUAGE). Sounds a bit selfish right? I want to save the Earth because I still have to live in it Madam Justice. I want to play the hero to the damsels because I have nothing but respect for women. Okay, in my own way. Is that why I prefer the role of a villain? I live in dystopias, in endings because there is so much less. A real thing you know, exhaustion trying to be the one who can.

Why not at the question as the song goes What Is Love? I finished Raphael by Tillie Cole Saturday, and there’s this quote that got me thinking. “Sin Is Simply Due To The Absence Of Love.” With that being said, do I hate myself or to quote another song, is this love? Seeing as how I’m on a roll with songs and quotes, “fear is the heart of love.” Above all else I understand this Madam Justice. I spent a whole decade saving my heart to the page and where are those sheets now? Trash cans, police records, and books still not getting published. If I keep going at this rate about love and such I fear I won’t stop. Basics, I stole the line from Last Jedi? I don’t fall in love anymore, but lust and that doesn’t mean I don’t care, I’m saying.

Wish I had Sister Maria, We Save What We Love.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 241 ~Ninety-Nine Powers, Passions, Willies~

I’ll never be a hero; in less of a week I have seen that I am everything else and today I felt l would be on cloud nine instead of the ninth circle of Hell, Treacherous I am not, but Lust isn’t sitting well. Ninety-Nine Powers, Passions, Willies

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Episode 241 ~Ninety-Nine Powers, Passions, Willies~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, get a psychology degree and find someone like me. For damn sure I need a psychiatrist more than porn. That PS4 I was sitting in the parking lot thinking about earlier or a bit of Plutonium.

I don’t need bombs, my life feels like a wasteland, hell this country, North Korea, Russia, I couldn’t care less. No Inspector Echo I want Superpowers, and the first would have to be Time Travel. Never turns out well for anyone and once you start, where would it end, starting from today. I offended a woman… notice what I’m not calling her right? Before her, there was “Butterfly” Friday, before her someone I can’t discuss. What about “Cookie” or “Cherry,” “Okay,” breaking my mother’s heart.

Go ahead stupid nigga
Go fuck with them chicks
I’m the third little piggy
Imma fuck with them bricks –-
The Roc (Just Fire) – Cam’Ron

My mom is a Christian, and I have credited her with raising a “gentleman, “now that’s a laugh. Mother is God in the eyes of a child and my mother much like Achilles’s mother must have dipped me in the River Styx. I have survived much but my heart. Brains scrambled sure enough and again since Friday, and earlier today. It was like “Butterfly” ripped my dick off (LANGUAGE). Isn’t that right because it grew back only for a lioness to tear it off, ouch.

Let’s get back to the heart; my “penis” it’s like it’s being eaten and regrown overnight still my heart. I swear it’s worse than being consumed, no the eagle is tearing it apart and then pushing it around my rib cage. Now at this point, I don’t want to even talk to “Indiana Gone,” “Okay” or “Cherry” I’m not Ma-Ti with the power of HEART sigh. Inspector Echo, I do have the gift of prophecy. Remember my dream when I was dating that girl, and I knew it was a bad sign, but I couldn’t figure out what, now I know. I turn my back on black women, people that understand my lifestyle. Friends who need help and how am I rewarded, the women I desire, the things I want, gone, lost, just wow Inspector.

Even now I’m sick, and that would be an awesome superpower, Inception. If I could forget everything and have a brand new idea. If it’s not mine who would I be, what do I imagine more? I’m a beast, I’m something ugly, foul, about to lose more and why? Once I thought I was creative, maybe naughty, skeevy, kind, a pimp and now. Just crazy but who is the Joker, how dare I, who is Marquis de Joker without, Harley Quinn or Dolly “Sick Fux?”

Doesn’t that make me the villain, that’s what they say about men who want X-Ray Vision. About those who turn invisible, about those that morph into others. Only for now I want to be Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Virgil Hawkins. To not have to be brave but then again look here Ninety-Nine Powers, Passions, Willies.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 224 ~Don’t B Scared Will~

Besides being scared for my son, I’m terrified of my sins, and several superfluous bouts of reading I swear, the day job made me hate football even more so, and Humbert, Humbert, reminds me why I failed French. Don’t B Scared Will

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Episode 224 ~Don’t B Scared Will~

To Will:
How To Make One Million Dollars, back-breaking, behavior changing, balls, that’s B III and yeah you’re still attempting to come up with your motto, something akin to the “Fever” series by Karen Marie Moning or like “The V Games” Ker Dukey, K Webster.

You “heart” your bed as the kids say, hate it, hell head there more than anywhere else even though it’s doing the most harm and how can you say that when you wake up most days and there’s Triple B standing at attention watching the door, being a weighted blanket, buying time for the boss. Yesterday I talked about him being the man I most respected and why not… sometimes you think he has it pretty easy, but you forget that when you believe you carry the world on your shoulders, that your little hero carries you. Maybe you give some crappy belly rubs, or he’s always working, now ain’t that the word, work when’s the last time you did that for you and not someone else and they still wanted to fire you but with results, Six Impossible Things:

  1. I Will Keep It In My Pants (Day 003 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
    Failed (Day 001 No Fap)
  2. I Will Be The “Father” My Dog Deserves
  3. I Will Review Sell My Soul (Sixty Days #1) by Jade West
  4. I Will Review Depredation By Natalie Bennett
  5. I Will Read “Lolita” Vladimir Nabokov
  6. I Will Edit One Chapter Of My Newly Written Novel

Three days off so you have barely looked at the man in the mirror, in the chair, or honestly doing anything but with B III, he doesn’t want you to see him hurt. Nothing changes except how strong he must become, what should be worse bark or bite, are you his boy or father? Your Motivations talk about how to defeat fear, and it’s something to the tune of, find something even scarier, Triple B gets a nail stuck in his collar, so you go to the groomers, villains have to be smart to escape capture and Rule 145 Differentiate Between Sense and Censor. Rage, Rutting, and Rapture, any of these things are better to change you than so much fear, and if not now, then when, Six Impossible Things:

  1. I Will Keep It In My Pants (Day 001 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
  2. I Will Be The “Father” My Dog Deserves
  3. I Will Review Sell My Soul (Sixty Days #1) by Jade West
  4. I Will Review Depredation By Natalie Bennett
  5. I Will Read “Lolita” Vladimir Nabokov
  6. I Will Edit One Chapter Of My Newly Written Novel

Balls of all kinds and it’s something when your son loses his (not literally, I’m not a monster) anyway when he’s not brave somehow you have to step up, nails, neighborhood pets, nothing but people in this world his safety is first. As for now, he’s taking a break, sleeping on his pillow, while daddy works, his bandanna/cape still on because he’s still such the hero, the huggable one, a handsome hunk as it reads. Heroes save us for many reasons, and I told you what I would say to him yesterday but since you never listen to me if B III could talk, he’d either quote Scarface or tell you Don’t B Scared Will.

Go ahead stupid nigga
Go fuck with them chicks
I’m the third little piggy
Imma fuck with them bricks –

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 153 ~Will Is Back Alright~

You did not take up to be mediocre, even if you’re on your back all day your eyes are wide freaking open, and you know what you are, an actress, a superhero, working for NASA perhaps and I am a writer. “Will Is Back Alright.”

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Episode 153 ~Will Is Back Alright~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, well there was an experiment with NASA where I could be paid thousands to stay on my back for a few months; trust me like white people don’t want to be black, I don’t want to be a girl but if I were a pretty one I’d do porn. Of course, guys do porn too but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards, and how much has “B III” made just lying here. Free room and board, medical care, he has me rubbing his belly and head on most days.

Lying on my back is not my purpose, and I did not wake up to mediocre, so why did I wake up at all… walk “Triple B” (it was raining), his medication, check the “War Room” the battle goes well, you are what you eat (Chicken) and talking to you. Sometimes I ask myself, have I always been like this; when I was trying to end my life, taking sleeping pills, painkillers, one every half hour because you know I’m a stickler for time, there was my reason for staying in bed hurting. Now I stay in bed merely trying to recover, and that means nothing is getting done, besides novels, naughty fantasies, and counting what will never happen ever.

Not all heroes don capes, but a lot do because they know who they are, others believe in who the people protected might be someday, and others want to know how strong their enemy is and know they can’t fall back, their backs to the wall. Another benefit is heroes fight back to back so they know who they can trust, villains always worry about knives, so at least evil is forever on their toes, but my point is they are awake and alive. November was about the walking dead (my version of them), whores, and wakefulness; so why do I only want more, falling to me is akin to failure, and I continually return to one of my Motivations where Eric Thomas quoting 50 Cent says, sleep is for those people who are broke.

You know I can complain about money, but for longer than that I haven’t only been “broke” I’ve been dead, and I can’t imagine who I was before, and if I go back let’s say to October, I wasn’t exactly living either. Zombies wake up to feed, and that’s it, though I might be a “Whisperer,” yeah waking up to watch The Walking Dead, my most active time, death is when one feels the most alive and if I could be that guy every moment screaming Will Is Back Alright.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 085 ~Can’t We Be Heroes~

It’s a thin line, a blurred line, is there even a line at all between heroes and villains, especially in this day and age and I could go on and on about this but I rather talk about a recent movie night, selfish maybe? “Can’t We Be Heroes”.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lesson 085 ~Can’t We Be Heroes~

Hey Lady Lu
No Fear, but that doesn’t make anyone a hero, especially someone like me though, I’ve had that one day in high school or maybe two. I’ve talked plenty about evolution, I’ve said that a man must stand for something and while this requires a solid foundation that I’m still searching for, roots are never in straight lines.

Already confusing myself, okay so last night “Indiana Gone” and I are having an “Alternative Heroes” movie night “Blankman”, “Kick-Ass”, “Kick-Ass 2” but we didn’t get to “Mystery Men” any way we noticed something. In the tradition of the normal heroes, all these heroes and villains were orphans or lost at least in part, those they cared for. Probably the greatest service I have done my parents since I couldn’t stop my birth is sworn off ever becoming a hero.

Why would anyone want to be a hero honestly at this rate; the only benefits I’ve seen are you’re guaranteed to end up lonely and even with that someone will always want you… at least you’re thought about at all really. One of my rules is ‘Satisfaction, The Death of Desire” and personally I always want to stay hungry, I always want more, and I would always feel alive because do heroes fear death, I know villains always believe that time is short. Heroes can be loved and hated, maybe even feared and the same can be said of villains but there is always more for a villain, a hero loses something and hell it can end them like that.

Speaking of love, from a dominant standpoint I have said you can have trust without love, but you can’t have love without trust and while I have not turned my back on love entirely, a dominant and a submissive can have a relationship without it. I’m also not saying dominants are bad by any means though I know how people look at the lifestyle and at least the goal is to keep a submissive from true harm in the end.

A hero though gets closer to a hero and you’re pretty much signing up for trouble, and more to the point, who and what I am accepts this because I’m no hero. Something I know and I didn’t have to learn but it never hurts to practice but just for one day, maybe, possibly, sometimes, *sigh*, Can’t We Be Heroes.

I Will Have No Fear

Will Known

Something I’m going to regret, not today, hopefully not tomorrow, but for now as they sing fifteen percent concentrated power of Will, though I’m firing on all cylinders now. Will Known, who knows but someday maybe, and no I don’t mean never heh

How can you define Will?
Not in the words of a dead man
Have you bothered to check?
Could you possibly, listen, listen, hear, and understand
this secret I spill

What, “I’m Alive”, Will,
before the faces of a billion men
some wrong women I suspect,
to my virtues and vices, regrets and sins
I’ll scream it until

who I am and choose to be is Will
like Will Smith Will Schuester, Will Parry
do they expect
I can be like them, then it’s not so scary
until I thrill

when adversity threatens, my force of Will
more effective than an AK, hotter than a Molotov cocktail
let me direct
World War Three on Pay TV, a script to Hell
Maybe I can pay the bills

where Batman does but sign my checks Will
with my potential, my future, like any superhero
God knows I’m not perfect
I’m only human don’t you know…
No, then I have something to fulfill

Why promise anyone but Will
Free Will, Iron Will, even if I’m the one to blame
There will be some respect
People will remember the name
Yes I’m gonna make it, yes I Will

Copyright © 2017, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

War… Wouldn’t It Be Nice

A longtime fan of the series and long since past the disastrous reboot I must say if this is indeed an ending, then this was an awesome trilogy. “War for the Planet of the Apes”, where else can Caesar go, no spoilers here

Why wasn’t I invited, conquest, not that’s been done, what about this “Battle for the…”, yeah, I saw that one too but war, I saw everything but a war but a war in this movie which is really the only problem, a misleading title, and a somewhat biblical ending maybe.

I appreciated all the throwbacks to the originals and I’m talking all the way back to the beginning “Planet of the Apes” though this movie sort of tells you that it will be the last but then again what do I know. It’s more a tear jerker than anything else so you should be prepared and for a movie with no war, maybe two battles tops it was violent and brutal. Also, some of “The Colonel’s” troops were a bit ironic, let’s just say Koba might disapprove, despite the reasoning for it, if there’s any…

Andy Serkis “Caesar” should be raking in the awards, along with Amiah Miller “The Girl” I don’t want to spoil that, and how about Karin Konoval “Maurice” and of course Steve Zahn for “Bad Ape” and the laughs. Good but really not war. So now that I have appeased Fandango what did I really think about this movie… it was awesome though the politicos among us might be in a twist and I have a tendency to read into things.

Personally, though I saw a tale of brotherhood in a way, in humanity without humans, anybody that watches animal videos on “YouTube” knows what I’m talking about. I saw apes, I saw a respect for the classic series, not without disappointments but you’ll be fully invested from beginning to end.

Andy Serkis is an awesome Caesar, now I’ve already said the cast is pretty much top notch but between Caesar, the little girl, and Maurice, there is just so much emotion being felt. Some people are going to be upset with the American imagery, why is American portrayed as the bad guys, if anything this movie has plenty of bad guys, including Caesar himself but if anything how many of us in the same position wouldn’t follow his set course.

Caesar from being king, to father, to outcast, to hero and everything in-between, and after such transformations what else could the ape have earned… can we just give Andy Serkis an award already? Now the little girl, with no spoken lines in the film was a breakout hit with me especially during the night scene in the camp, can I just say, Niagara Falls, because I wasn’t sobbing on anything like that. Maurice reminds me a lot of “Mandemus” or maybe “Virgil” from “Battle for the Planet of the Apes” the keeper of Caesar’s conscience but Virgil took Dante through Hell and it is the same thing here, I think.

“You are a good man with a good heart, and it’s hard for a good man to be a king.” – Black Panther (Feb 2018)

I don’t want to get all political here and when it comes to me and my country… it’s complicated but anyone that says America is the greatest nation on Earth is a moron. Now I don’t think this movie was saying America was bad but rather people were bad because the only truly decent individual in the whole movie was the little girl and it almost makes sense that she can’t talk. What about Caesar and the comparison to Koba, Caesar saw Koba in himself and that led him down a dark path that resulted in most of the movie even happening, because of it.

This movie is extremely well done considering I have seen people react so strongly to it and for that again the cast was great. Can I just say before I get into trouble that I’m proud to be an American and yeah we can make the country great again but why don’t people see that Trump is the bad guy, just saying The Colonel was better and Mad Caesar too.

“God wouldn’t know what… God wouldn’t know what he knows. If there is a God up there, he would have turned his back on us by now. And whoever made humanity will find no humanity here. No, sir. No, sir. So beware. Beware.” The Road

Bad Ape was about as human as you can get next to the child, maybe another reason people were so mad for a variety of reasons, some of his laughs were sort of cheap, others well deserved, and you have to remember when it came to doing something he did. I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about why I just couldn’t give this movie five stars it comes close though, so amazingly close.

“There are times when it is necessary to abandon our humanity to save humanity.” – The Colonel, War for the Planet of the Apes (2017)

While I am loyal to Caesar myself there were times in the movie that make me question; the fact that you can see both hero and villain in the same light got to me some. As far as some of my favorite moments, when the child is named, or how about when Caesar is walking amongst the other apes, as they say, heavy is the head that wears the crown. All guys will understand the bro code between Caesar, Maurice, Rocket, and Luca, if men really could stand together like that worldwide maybe the humans in this film would have stood a chance but no.

Speaking of brotherhood and Luca, that was one of the things that irked me, Caesar had a gorilla lieutenant in Dawn and yet another one in “Rise”… I don’t want to spoil it. For the last time, there was no war, and some of the troops had no reason to side with The Colonel, and even amongst Caesar’s apes, you can look at one and see, yeah you know there was no mystery to him. The ending though reminded me of lessons in church, one of those War of the Worlds type of endings sadly.

I’ll probably go and see it again, and I’m taking somebody so yes the movie does have my vote and don’t mind the super duper patriots amongst us if it helps just repeat they’re just a bunch of apes. Then again four stars and a few good endorsements who knows, War… Wouldn’t It Be Nice?


Tail, Tale, Tell

People don’t follow the heroes, they come to you, same as the villains, and I’m done following pretty girls of all different hair varieties and a pox on 99% of politicians. Tail, Tale, Tell, maybe, I’m still thinking about my anxiety maybe.

If it wasn’t Peter, playboy, potion
to the tune of number nine or Mambo No. 5
a cape in the sun
or that slow march towards oblivion
which is everywhere or chasing some tail
Wherever men choose to wallow
and fields must be kept fallow

for years under the notion
that in or to survive
They must run
jump or swim the Stygian
Like a hero in some fairytale
you expect for me to swallow
asking why can’t I be Apollo

riding in slow motion.
I’m going to see if I’m really alive
because you won’t be the one
So don’t be forgiving then
Even if there is no one to tell
The words may sound hollow
but never again will I follow


Copyright © 2017, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.