Episode 241 ~Ninety-Nine Powers, Passions, Willies~

I’ll never be a hero; in less of a week I have seen that I am everything else and today I felt l would be on cloud nine instead of the ninth circle of Hell, Treacherous I am not, but Lust isn’t sitting well. Ninety-Nine Powers, Passions, Willies

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Episode 241 ~Ninety-Nine Powers, Passions, Willies~

Forgive Me Echo,
How To Make One Million Dollars, get a psychology degree and find someone like me. For damn sure I need a psychiatrist more than porn. That PS4 I was sitting in the parking lot thinking about earlier or a bit of Plutonium.

I don’t need bombs, my life feels like a wasteland, hell this country, North Korea, Russia, I couldn’t care less. No Inspector Echo I want Superpowers, and the first would have to be Time Travel. Never turns out well for anyone and once you start, where would it end, starting from today. I offended a woman… notice what I’m not calling her right? Before her, there was “Butterfly” Friday, before her someone I can’t discuss. What about “Cookie” or “Cherry,” “Okay,” breaking my mother’s heart.

Go ahead stupid nigga
Go fuck with them chicks
I’m the third little piggy
Imma fuck with them bricks –-
The Roc (Just Fire) – Cam’Ron

My mom is a Christian, and I have credited her with raising a “gentleman, “now that’s a laugh. Mother is God in the eyes of a child and my mother much like Achilles’s mother must have dipped me in the River Styx. I have survived much but my heart. Brains scrambled sure enough and again since Friday, and earlier today. It was like “Butterfly” ripped my dick off (LANGUAGE). Isn’t that right because it grew back only for a lioness to tear it off, ouch.

Let’s get back to the heart; my “penis” it’s like it’s being eaten and regrown overnight still my heart. I swear it’s worse than being consumed, no the eagle is tearing it apart and then pushing it around my rib cage. Now at this point, I don’t want to even talk to “Indiana Gone,” “Okay” or “Cherry” I’m not Ma-Ti with the power of HEART sigh. Inspector Echo, I do have the gift of prophecy. Remember my dream when I was dating that girl, and I knew it was a bad sign, but I couldn’t figure out what, now I know. I turn my back on black women, people that understand my lifestyle. Friends who need help and how am I rewarded, the women I desire, the things I want, gone, lost, just wow Inspector.

Even now I’m sick, and that would be an awesome superpower, Inception. If I could forget everything and have a brand new idea. If it’s not mine who would I be, what do I imagine more? I’m a beast, I’m something ugly, foul, about to lose more and why? Once I thought I was creative, maybe naughty, skeevy, kind, a pimp and now. Just crazy but who is the Joker, how dare I, who is Marquis de Joker without, Harley Quinn or Dolly “Sick Fux?”

Doesn’t that make me the villain, that’s what they say about men who want X-Ray Vision. About those who turn invisible, about those that morph into others. Only for now I want to be Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Virgil Hawkins. To not have to be brave but then again look here Ninety-Nine Powers, Passions, Willies.

I Will Have No Fear

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