Log 056 ~We Save What We Love~

Rose’s sister gave her life to save the Resistance, “Sister Maria” was almost died to fulfill Raphael’s dream, FYI that doesn’t work on real women, a redhead told me no to my fantasy, one more thing saved online and in my head. “We Save What We Love”

Monday, August 26, 2019

Log 056 ~We Save What We Love~

Ninety-Ninth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, and you know I’m trying to save money. I love sleep, I love my kid. Should I say my phone and Facebook too? What about women, no real temptation today. Well, Sesskasays aka Jessica and Katie o’shaughnessy. Of course this is because Fear The Walking Dead last night. There is a place in my heart for brunettes. Still, I blame Jessica, Willow, and Ellie for my redhead fetish. Tattoos aren’t my thing ahem MILF Dos, but her and Katie, talk about dedication or love.

I’m going to get a few of my own someday. Tattoos I mean, one for my son and one for every book I publish. Again saving what we love, my writing, and the reason we have our daily conversation. Day 786 in truth. Not that it matters, but I saw this is my 1,002 blogpost. If saving something means you love it, poor me indeed. How about I chalk up everything to saving my black ass (LANGUAGE). Sounds a bit selfish right? I want to save the Earth because I still have to live in it Madam Justice. I want to play the hero to the damsels because I have nothing but respect for women. Okay, in my own way. Is that why I prefer the role of a villain? I live in dystopias, in endings because there is so much less. A real thing you know, exhaustion trying to be the one who can.

Why not at the question as the song goes What Is Love? I finished Raphael by Tillie Cole Saturday, and there’s this quote that got me thinking. “Sin Is Simply Due To The Absence Of Love.” With that being said, do I hate myself or to quote another song, is this love? Seeing as how I’m on a roll with songs and quotes, “fear is the heart of love.” Above all else I understand this Madam Justice. I spent a whole decade saving my heart to the page and where are those sheets now? Trash cans, police records, and books still not getting published. If I keep going at this rate about love and such I fear I won’t stop. Basics, I stole the line from Last Jedi? I don’t fall in love anymore, but lust and that doesn’t mean I don’t care, I’m saying.

Wish I had Sister Maria, We Save What We Love.

I Will Have No Fear

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