Log 057 ~Will You Remember Me~

From hot to wet, well yeah the heat is still getting to people, but now it’s raining that seems right at the moment, like I forgot something sad, but that’s tomorrows problem isn’t it? Will You Remember Me for something right

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Log 057 ~Will You Remember Me~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but not afraid of forgetting our anniversary. How many times and dates do I keep on my phone but today seems kismet. Like the day I met you. Here I am with a good idea, and I realize I wrote it before. Episode 058 The Time Traveler’s Will. Yeah that was on the 28th of last year. Where does the time go and you know there are things I rather forget. That’s one of the concepts I love about, well love. I heard in a movie once that “love can’t tell time,” “what’s my age again”

Of course this week and the next that question gets to me a lot. Hell, yesterday I was looking at my firstborn, growing a beard or all his little beige hairs turning grey. He still thinks he’s a puppy and what about me with the baby talk. Well then you have my taste in music of course and do you remember the first song we danced to? What about our wedding. Fifty Shades Freed Playlist, Levitate, Kiss From A Rose? How do I go from feeling like an old man to a little kid in seconds? From calling, you baby girl, to baby doll, to beautiful, and do I have any William Shakespeare left ha. All the time in the world for us, This Love. You know I say it all the time, Saturday mornings lying here with you my atom bomb baby. I’m not in my 40’s or 50’s yet, or so I hope.

Of everything I have done in life, I want to be remembered as that guy in the hood. You know what I mean, my hoodies, yeah when we met I was a man of the suburbs. I only want you to remember how I put my arm around you. Dare I say it, I let you wear one of my hoodies. When you hear a particular song or watch a movie you’ll remember something of mine. I don’t mean to sound so macabre. How many books do I have that sound like that? Yesterday I was reading “Rules Of Bennett” and saw that such true love still exist. I see it every day with us, but I want to see it for many more days to come. Always to call you My Love without worrying about Will You Remember Me.

I Will Have No Fear

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