How Long Is Infinity Avengers

I think half of us don’t feel so good and the other half can’t wait to see what happens next and to believe there was a time when I was young that I thought the Power Glove might have been the meanest thing, ask Thanos. How Long Is Infinity Avengers?

Four stars are just the beginning if I can count how many moments I have thought about “Avengers: Infinity War” throughout my day, how about how many tears I’ve cried if I were the crying type or how long it took me to catch my breath. How about how long my heart stopped but if there is one thing you can count on is an Avengers movie to be awe-inspiring and how hard it’s been to keep my mouth shut other than one word, Wow.

I can honestly say for one moment that I was utterly bereft of hope to see something like this, and I wanted the movie to be longer because I couldn’t believe it, and yes this is a superhero movie, but still, I expected I don’t know. As far as the cast goes, I can’t single out one single character because they were all so incredible, how all their movies meshed into that of the greater Marvel universe and I still can’t believe people walk out at any sign of the credits I mean it’s a MARVEL movie people. This film will leave you utterly speechless.

Now with the appeasement of Fandango, what the holy hell was that; I will be the first one to *sigh* the usual endings of this type of thing, and I should warn you now there will be spoilers near the end of my review. Usually, I tend to ramble, and I think Marvel tends to stretch their movies, but this is probably the second movie I sincerely wished was longer next to Black Panther because with Infinity War it’s like no this can’t happen when it’s all over. Let me also say that besides the ending that will undoubtedly draw more people, I think Marvel are some geniuses when they again put Black Panther as the last movie before this; I’m surprised there isn’t more noise considering, to be honest.

The comic fans though must be feeling pretty smug in their superiority, Marvel has me I’ll admit and yes without a doubt I will see the next movie, but I won’t be buying the comics anytime soon, strange since I try to read books before watching films. Here you are reading my thoughts on the subject though; anybody (there’s a tumbleweed) well how long has Thanos been working towards his plan, my perspective is over with a finger snap perhaps.

In the spirit of full transparency, I’ve not seen every single Marvel movie, my list of reasons spanning from, I think Natalie Portman is hot, or I like seeing heroes fight each other, and one of my favorites, I’m an African-American man. So instead of listening every single film that I have seen let’s focus on this one, stop me if you heard this, bad guy wants to do bad things, and a group of superheroes that aren’t exactly friends must stop him somehow, someway.

How to blend so many different storylines, there are sure to be a few misses, not that it takes from the movie at all but they don’t go unnoticed and tying everything into a cute bow is incredibly impressive. Visually and maybe I’m jaded by this point, but it wasn’t the most beautiful place, but you’re mesmerized in the world and everybody I suppose drifts to their favorites heroes which is again a hit and miss with me. Of course, we get the Stan Lee cameo, which is one of those things that I can’t honestly comment on seeing as how I’m not this comic book fanatic but something that I look forward to considerably.

As far as villains go, always you have to do your research since they can be as replaceable as villain A, B, and C, along with an army of henchmen or let’s say cannon fodder. Honestly, we all just wanted one big fight right. You’ll get that sure enough and Thanos for me I was a lot more impressed with his mindset than his imposing figure, seeing as how I am a fan of The Purge Franchise no doubt which can be a scary thought. Comedy-wise, the jokes hit their mark though there was one moment in particular that made me cringe and no it wasn’t the ending but will get to that one misstep.

Think of Avengers: Infinity War as a more colorful and happy “Watchmen” with a more significant body count, Marvel vs. DC can’t say I have ever chosen a side but if we count the movies I’ve seen, I like Batman but sorry DC. Avengers: Infinity War is different from its other films by the fact that you want to learn about this world and everything in it. As in most of the flicks, you have a moral question, but they gave me a book so that I could understand the Infinity Gauntlet, I want it.

If we’re going by the Fandango scale I’ll give it four out of five stars, yes I know I’m hard to please, and I become upset over the dumbest things, but the fact that this movie didn’t have me looking at my watch is saying something. How about saying this, don’t look any further than here, this movie won me over, I’d see it again, I would buy it, I’ll see the next one but enough time has passed so yes spoiler alert, just saying.

The moment that made me cringe and yes this was so freaking dumb for me to care about is when they arrive at Wakanda and Bruce Banner is wondering whether or not to bow to King T’Challa, and he does. So yeah it’s a bit of an awkward moment, can’t stand stupidity for stupidity’s sake. Then we have Thanos and minions, can you say Darkside, more comic book wars or what have you; Thanos’s plan, is excellent and the fact that you might be able to see a bit where he’s coming from I believe. How about the fact that some major cities have bared the brunt of evil and suddenly Wakanda is being asked to throw everything into this, to me, it’s a bit unfair but whatever gets fans.

As for the moments that got me to geek out, must I say this with every review, yes because I don’t like to lie or omit and in this day and age men are being taught saying anything will get you in trouble? *Ahem* I adore the ladies, in particular, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow and where’s Valkyrie? The battles always get me but I wanted to see more of what the Infinity Gauntlet could do before Thanos went for the main course, and I wished the fight was even more detailed, I mean not just the heroes. Spider-Man and not the end but that moment Tony Stark knighted him somewhat into the Avengers and of course the ending that I never saw coming at all; who is Captain Marvel?

I’m hoping I won’t end up like Annie Wilkes seeing all the sequels that will be coming out to explain all that has happened; I’m somewhat surprised there wasn’t more of an outcry except against Star-Lord. No use crying about it now since you can see if Thanos got to you “” but I doubt any of us will be gong long, until 2019 but How Long Is Infinity Avengers.

Lesson 095 ~Wanna Meet A Ghost~

Why do people believe in ghosts, God, and I suppose guns help with both but I’m not being political here, I just really saw a ghost. Wanna Meet A Ghost, trust me you’re not prepared and I surely wasn’t so why would you believe me right

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Lesson 095 ~Wanna Meet A Ghost~

Hey Lady Lu
No Fear and I was never one to build a snowman but I am one to meet a ghost or so I thought I did today or at least I saw one.

Would you truly like to know how to figure out you’re alive… you’re the one being haunted, you feel fear, and it’s rare for zombies to eat their own; yeah we’ll come back to that sooner or later. You feel your heart race, your blood runs cold, and then there is the good old flight or fight response, but I took a path more like Tom Petty, I swear I’m on a death kick really. Haven’t we all been Lady Lu, why is it that we only truly appreciate life so near death, I mean have I been eager to die… I know the euphoria of a failed suicide attempt after I’m not puking green for most of the day.

Anyway so about this ghost, Scrooge will be the first one to tell you that ghost aren’t exactly ones for manners, hell I could even convince myself maybe I didn’t see anyone at all but I know I did. What would I have said, the good news is I’ve pretty much forgotten what was scaring me so and then boom, a sign that I was a bad man, best not to dwell on it right?

I never pictured myself as a ghost and you know my views on reincarnation but I feel like one of those villains in “Ghost” except all I want to do is survive. Again this is true of all of us, look at you Luna at least I can hear you and I didn’t have to die, sounding crazy but that’s pretty relative in this day and age. Does one even have to die to be a ghost, every moment, every decision, every day we are born again, trying to become better than we were yesterday and that never just goes away, we are haunted by the people we were, are, and could be and so we learn to live again.

Free speech for the living, dead men tell no tales

So what have I learned today, more like another question should I open my eyes and listen, didn’t help in “Pulse”, should I run, I stood my ground today but who knows what tomorrow will bring, Wanna Meet A Ghost?

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 085 ~Can’t We Be Heroes~

It’s a thin line, a blurred line, is there even a line at all between heroes and villains, especially in this day and age and I could go on and on about this but I rather talk about a recent movie night, selfish maybe? “Can’t We Be Heroes”.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Lesson 085 ~Can’t We Be Heroes~

Hey Lady Lu
No Fear, but that doesn’t make anyone a hero, especially someone like me though, I’ve had that one day in high school or maybe two. I’ve talked plenty about evolution, I’ve said that a man must stand for something and while this requires a solid foundation that I’m still searching for, roots are never in straight lines.

Already confusing myself, okay so last night “Indiana Gone” and I are having an “Alternative Heroes” movie night “Blankman”, “Kick-Ass”, “Kick-Ass 2” but we didn’t get to “Mystery Men” any way we noticed something. In the tradition of the normal heroes, all these heroes and villains were orphans or lost at least in part, those they cared for. Probably the greatest service I have done my parents since I couldn’t stop my birth is sworn off ever becoming a hero.

Why would anyone want to be a hero honestly at this rate; the only benefits I’ve seen are you’re guaranteed to end up lonely and even with that someone will always want you… at least you’re thought about at all really. One of my rules is ‘Satisfaction, The Death of Desire” and personally I always want to stay hungry, I always want more, and I would always feel alive because do heroes fear death, I know villains always believe that time is short. Heroes can be loved and hated, maybe even feared and the same can be said of villains but there is always more for a villain, a hero loses something and hell it can end them like that.

Speaking of love, from a dominant standpoint I have said you can have trust without love, but you can’t have love without trust and while I have not turned my back on love entirely, a dominant and a submissive can have a relationship without it. I’m also not saying dominants are bad by any means though I know how people look at the lifestyle and at least the goal is to keep a submissive from true harm in the end.

A hero though gets closer to a hero and you’re pretty much signing up for trouble, and more to the point, who and what I am accepts this because I’m no hero. Something I know and I didn’t have to learn but it never hurts to practice but just for one day, maybe, possibly, sometimes, *sigh*, Can’t We Be Heroes.

I Will Have No Fear