Tale 178 ~To B Moody Virgil~

Every day, I get asked, by a computer, mind you, what my mood is like. I’m always worried about something. Being thirty-nine… something always hurts. And since comedy comes in threes. I don’t know. It’s the day after Christmas. So, To B Moody Virgil.

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Tale 178 ~To B Moody Virgil~

Dear Future Wife,
You know that I love you, right… If you didn’t believe me, you would have left already. Or is it the fans?

I’m sure I’ve sang to you before, “I’ll be the greatest fan of your life.” Can you even hear me over all of the fans? What about my boy? Every hair, tear, and speck of dust over what, 1059 Days? It’s all gone “Bye Bye Love,” life, and even a specific type of lunacy. B. But that’s not true at all. Even with this being the day after Christmas. Presents? December 25 was something to remember? Well, seeing as how I’m time-traveling here, my love. I can still call you that, right? I have your love, our family. Lives that do concern me. And I’m still writing, wailing, and waiting for my son. But I don’t blame Santa Claus.
This is all my doing, love.

What? Being in a mood? And I won’t treat you like the computer and say, Worried, Pained. And the third thing is always a toss-up. I need more than Discombobulated. Unfortunately, the only word I can think of that is better itself starts with a D. I would never include you or the children. Am I including V in that? Right now, no. So AHEM, “I am The Walking Dead.” And like any zombie, I am up and about without purpose other than to make the living miserable. My friends, enemies, everyone else… And this Christmas, I give you another; I’m sorry, and you give me forgiveness. Sucks! Now that is a mood. Just like tired, scared, horny, sad, lonely, stupid, mad, effed, insane, dead…

And the only gift in a box I wanted, I gave myself. And it doesn’t even have my name, love. Braxton. Do I want to make myself out to be Pandora? I’ve been looking at Braxton’s “grave” more and more because of what rests under the drawer beneath it. Hope? Peace? Christmas is the time for that, playing the STUPIDEST Stevie Wonder tunnage “Someday At Christmas.” But lover, this is the day after, meaning it’s time to return to normal. Tuesday, yeah, right! I can still hear the fans blowing. And even with them, I can hear how I’m letting down my family. “Give love on Christmas day. No greater gift is there than love.” To be in the mood, but… To B Moody Virgil.

1059 Days Without B III, Day 500 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

Saga 064 ~B, V, Are Fans~

“And I’ll be better when I’m older. I’ll be the greatest fan of your life,” as the song plays on and the beat goes on. I’m not much of a fan of Morgan Freeman now. But V keeps looking at me like I’m the president and can save us. B, V, Are Fans

Saturday, September 3, 2022

Saga 064 ~B, V, Are Fans~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means there’s cash to fan me. But coming to you today… there are only tears.

Anybody that doesn’t think tears cool has never met Lucifer or committed an act of Treachery. So why am I crying at six in the morning? Hell! It should have been four, but whatever, Lunalesca. Anyway, the first thought on my mind wasn’t Virgil sleeping next to me but my lost Braxton. Not a day goes by where I don’t replay how Braxton died, Lu. Right now, it’s that scene from Angel “A Hole in the World” S5.E15. Wesley, Winfred! Only as the song goes, “He doesn’t look a thing like Jesus,” or God, whatever. I would sacrifice the whole world; I would lose my soul; anything that could have saved my boy’s life. But there was nothing but an easy death. A murder Lunalesca.

“I’m not scared. I’m not scared. I’m not scared. Please, (Daddy). Why can’t I stay?” A Hole in the World

Not by the vets but by thy own hand. The worse day of this entire existence. Speaking of which, next to Braxton’s dying day is E-Day. To be 38? How did I spend last night? Virgil and I lied here under one of two fans in the house. In case you’re wondering, I carried him out into the cool air at five, which is much better than being here with me. He needed a bathroom break. After, I had to beg him to take food and water. He’s alone now. But all night, he cuddled close to me as if to say, “I know you can save us.” At the price of a few thousand or more… No, I can’t. But getting out of bed?

If I go anywhere today, it will be to get him a fan or some sort of small AC for his room. V comes before me. Yeah, like B, these batteries, or any set of bazongas that’ll have me, Lu. I can’t look forward to any of those for E-Day, huh? No girl can abide in this heat, I know. If a man wants an angel, he must make a Heaven for her. Unless you’re Jacob, who had two fallen angels and his Ariel. The things I wasted money on at the expense of fans. Braxton, Virgil. And now that the shit has hit the fan… I really need a new one. Dante had Beatrice and Virgil cheering him on. Myself? B, V, Are Fans.

580 Days Without B III, Day 021 of Virgil’s Arrival

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

I’m Superbad At Being Booksmart

If only my school had been well this, and with all the nostalgia I would never want to go back unless I’m friends with Gigi, though Molly and Amy were the stars and we’re reaping the benefits of an all-female Superbad. I’m Superbad At Being Booksmart

I’m Superbad At Being Booksmart

Is it wrong to say that I didn’t see all of Superbad? In truth, I was never one for teen movies. Nowadays I would say I relate more to Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, so that reveals my age. The film Booksmart is a lot more modern and plenty stupider, but in this case, it’s not a bad thing as it’s a laugh riot. More like it would start one I’m not sure which. I watched a few people walk out on the advance screening I saw. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

If you liked Superbad and said to yourself, “what if the leads were girls,” then you have Booksmart. The same basic tropes, partying, looking to hook-up and plans over the summer. Minus the fetch quest for alcohol. Some adventures got left out of the trailer. You could be one of those types that watched Freaks and Geeks. You might have said it was a more accurate representation of any high school. More than say Saved By The Bell. My school days are long past, but I buy Booksmart more than Zack Morris no question. Are you only looking for a laugh with some funny women? Kaitlyn Dever “Amy” and Beanie Feldstein “Molly” bring it. Should I be thanking Olivia Wilde and Will Ferrell instead? The movie’s cast was new to me except for Billie Lourd “Gigi,” Lisa Kudrow “Amy’s Mom” and Jessica Williams “Ms. Fine.”

As for what you know, two smart girls are all Fuddy-duddy for four years. Then they discover this netted them nothing. Yes everyone appears to have bright shining futures ahead of them as well. Who would bother to bribe their way into college, yeah I couldn’t resist. So with four years of no mistakes. Molly the pushy one and Amy the reserved intend to make all the crappy decisions they can. On one night at one party and so let the hilarity ensue. There is also a touch of The Breakfast Club. Only not resigned to the school. Yes, we are meeting several characters throughout the last day of their class. And the morning after.

Don’t get your hopes up; there are a few promises of sex. The humor is all over the place, and if you’ve ever looked at a Barbie, a particular type of way drools. Nope, there won’t be any nudity. Still, I wouldn’t advise bringing the kids unless their headed high school way. I would call this movie an original piece, but somebody was a fan of the genre. Again, if you put these girls against the Superbad guys, I think you would have one great movie. It would work out.

Choosing between the two leads of Molly and Amy, I couldn’t. So I pick Gigi. Lisa Kudrow doesn’t have more than ten minutes. Jessica Williams will bring a bit more naughtiness. Only Billie Lourd’s character popped up everywhere and often. Other characters were a bit underdeveloped and were the standard stereotypes. The jock, the drama geeks. The “Village Bicycle” though that’s harsh as I’m talking about a high school movie. Gossip, and rumors, attempting my impression of a movie critic?

Now there is a lack of most character stories in part to be sure. Such friendship building shows brilliantly. You see Molly and Amy, who are besties at the start; you see how they both come into their own. Then run back to each other with everything happening. Jared and Gigi were another. Especially when you hear how Jared tells it and talks about a relationship. I won’t spoil any of these for you, because I’m not that kind of guy. Second, you saw some coming, and others were like okay a twist. Some we hear about on the news, but again this was high school driven. So when “him” and “her” come together well, the ending adds a bit to the humor. As always though people always find something to complain about these days, don’t we all know right.

Again Gigi was my favorite, and I adore Molly and Amy. Only the Pizza Delivery Guy played by Michael Patrick O’Brien. He reminds me how most people look at my studies. Relax I’m a writer and when the guy was talking which was in the trailer. Let’s say he knows a lot about certain things. Principal Brown acted by Jason Sudeikis, might resonate with teachers if Ms. Fine doesn’t. Though as a guy, most guys are asking, “where is my Ms. Fine?” Principal Brown had one of the funniest scenes when it comes to the “mechanics” of sex and finances. There’s no over the top sexualization of women. Well unless we’re talking about toys again showing the range of the leads. Still, they were in the roles of high schoolers.

For a movie full of new faces for me, while not mind-blowing if I saw them in another film, I’d be that more inclined to watch it. Now I don’t mean to offend anybody, though truth be told if it wasn’t for the free ticket? It did open me up to a whole new genre since the last “teenage” oriented movies I cared to see. They were about rebellion and dystopian futures. I watched the young women from those franchises blowup into household names. For these women, they indeed show so much promise no doubt.

If this were Fandango, I would give it a four out of five stars. So that’s what eight in IMDB and don’t get me started on Rotten Tomatoes as with the state of schools. That’s something I don’t quite understand yet, not that Booksmart is confusing at all. The highest praise I can give this is the fact that I would have paid to see it. Only no promises I’ll go and see it again, but the point is I’m thinking about it. Warning, you should turn away now if you don’t want a taste of the spoilers. I’m finally going to lay down here.

As for a favorite scene, I’ll have to go with the pizza place because it reminds me of my job. Not pizza, again writing and how the guy explained all the things that could happen to Molly and Amy. You figured that was way too much information, I’ve heard the term skeevy for a lot less. Again Gigi, nothing but love, still with the funniest scene involves something of hers. The aftermath of Molly and Amy as dolls. Amy is getting into herself with the prospect of remaining in such a form. The ending is a bit lacking but quite sweet, one of those gushy moments. I laughed during the credits; the wrong generation ha.

Unless you’re sure of the “maturity” of your kids, they should stay home. Now as for those first-year students and of course, seniors. Both high school and life will laugh their heads off at this movie. Your grandpa might have a few choice words. I’m not that old. Now the Mothers and daughters who have that BFF type of relationship? Wow was Molly sort of like Amy’s mom; what Amy’s actual mom did with that panda. Hell, what Amy did with that panda. Something they should have shown, okay I’m back they were good girls. Despite Amy getting arrested for helping everybody. The only thing I can say I didn’t like about this movie is along the lines of standing with Molly. That everybody getting drunk, high, and plenty stupid got into college. Imagine Modern Family. Haley and Dylan are getting into the same school as Alex and not only that but graduating with honors.

Of course who was looking for realism? Though Booksmart has a basis in reality or I hope so but my time is long past. Perhaps that’s the best thing this movie did is give me feelings of nostalgia for my days in school. For now, at least I can’t say I’m Superbad At Being Booksmart.

The Language Of Life Itself

What is the meaning of life, there was a point when I would have said love but if this movie is any indication there is plenty of tragedy that makes you wonder is it worth it… this movie is worth seeing without a doubt. “The Language Of Life Itself.”

One name Samuel L. Jackson, though I don’t know whether to say, way to hide the good stuff or I’m warning you, because you know what’s he’s known for, and even if it is a five-minute cameo, the language is going to remain. I sat in the theater having to remind myself that “Life Itself” is a rated R movie because nothing in the trailers prepared me for this which in a way is a Pleasant surprise, though I saw one mother who brought her son, and an old lady yelling at a studio guy about the language she heard.

If this is what the fans of “This Is Us” watch, what have I been missing, the story though is top notch, and the stars that I recognized were awesome but do I call it a love story, a tragedy, a few laughs here and there but like watching The Lion King after Mufasa dies. You should be prepared for the graphic nature and the storytelling within the film and don’t get attached to characters; it will be a tearjerker if you can deal with the pacing and the shock value of the tale. Now with Fandango appeased perhaps a better explanation of the story would be to call it a series because overall the “drama” while great leaves one with a sense of, I whip my head back and forth, though down is a pretty decent direction just saying.

It amazes me what they get away with on screen sometimes, not that I’m one of those people who enjoys whining about how can they do that but when you compare Oscar Isaac’s character of Will to Olivia Wilde’s Abby well you can guess where they knew to draw the line. Again not with the speech though but I think it was toned down in later parts of the movie, or maybe that’s how New Yorker’s talk… but again I’m not trying to play Annie Wilkes from Misery. When you go from tragedy to tragedy, to disaster, to drama and then the ending but which would I be referring to since I counted at least five couples and the movie could have focused on one, not at all I think.

They were all needed though you only tend to focus on one emotion and spoiler alert it ain’t happy because the moment you begin to feel that well, Life Itself can be funny at times, and I do mean that. Only two of all the couples caught my eye but maybe because I have a thing for girls named Olivia, or I have an idea of a specific type of girl as many of my friends have noticed to be fair, plus it was also the end of the movie.

Attempting to stick to the trailer, two young New Yorkers are together, love and marriage expecting their first child and as I said, do not let the promo put a smile on your face if you’re a fan of the first two leads. Honestly, though I genuinely related to Will and not only in name and I know it’s a scary thought if you go and watch the movie but for a man to be in love so much… and that’s only the beginning of the heartbreak; have tissues ready.

I liked Abby too because she grew to become so understanding and with her past, how could she not fall in love with Will; their relationship is what dreams should all be and something I might want for myself someday. Can’t say I had as strong a reaction to Javier and Isabel’s love played by Sergio Peris-Mencheta and Laia Costa, so of course to give it a bit of extra punch you throw Antonio Banderas as Mr. Saccione into the mix. Though the feelings of the two men wanting what was best for Rodrigo (Àlex Monner) brought a lot of emotion and I only wished my father somehow gave that much caring, yeah that hit pretty close to home honestly.

As I have already mentioned the Lion King and laughter in the aftermath and Samuel L. Jackson is only a brief cameo we have Jean Smart as Linda and Isabel Durant playing Shari, but why did I find it so humorous that they could take the tragedy and turn it into a funny, rooting for construct? However alone, not one character truly stood out and compared to the minimal screen time of everyone involved, that’s why the stakes have to know such incredible heights for everyone to give the characters any depth. In a way, it’s like “GTA V” that everyone who sees this movie will find at least one persona to go with and even more so, a chapter to love and trust me that this film will help with this in a way.

Again for me, Will’s family was the best though, in this age of political correctness, I’m sure that someone will have a problem with that, Americans, a fan of Star Wars, I like the theme song, and the women though no worries on the sex front but considering everyone has kids… It’s also worth mentioning about the theme song that I won’t say yet, that it plays a pivotal role in the movie, if I understand anything about Abby’s college stuff, it’s an unreliable narrator or the only true one.

On the Fandango scale I’ll give it a four out of five, so am eight out of ten for inflation, I would definitely see it again now that I’m over the initial shock of the first time around and yes this movie will do that but do This Is Us fans have nerves of steel or what? From this point forward there will be spoilers, so you know, but I do recommend this film and if you don’t care what kids hear or for them to see you cry then bring them along as well.

One of the things that I didn’t like about this movie, well… people talk about trailers telling too much or featuring things that never make an appearance, “Get Out” deer skeleton or “Happy Death Day” In Da Club for examples but Life Itself is nothing like you’re expecting. I think the tragedy scale is set somewhat high I mean if you don’t have the guts to show one person you don’t get extra for traumatizing the audience with the next death, no matter how graphic, quick but it is quite violent. While I appreciate the good sense to break up the movie into chapters, with most stories the sections correlate, and this was more a miniseries of shorts that fulfilled the overall story of one life that is only on camera for five minutes truthfully.

My favorite parts, Will and Abby, the scene where he is attempting to explain that one day together, and you’re wondering, did they divorce, die, get disintegrated by aliens, and Will can’t seem to make up his mind before. Dylan played by Olivia Cooke; you could see her story arc coming from a mile away, and though her ending was somewhat, unfulfilling, she did a terrific job with the character and the small love story. I’ve already talked about the song which was Make You Feel My Love, sung by Bob Dylan and covered by numerous artists and it didn’t get old or repetitive as many times as it was played in “Life Itself” *sigh*.

Life Itself is masterful storytelling, but it felt more like several great stories that got around to making a good one and is there such a thing as “perfect” anyway, that can be a dirty word too if you think about it. So I’ve done a lot of it myself, trying to untangle it all and if I uttered one final word, it would have to be *ahem* “complicated” which is the truth because what can be more dramatic than The Language Of Life Itself.

Episode 064 ~You Vote With Your Crotch~

When I was voting for a president that was easy and sad, between blondes and brunettes, kiss or kill, money and everything else, what story I’m going to write next, will I ever get the opportunity at this rate? “Vote With Your Crotch.”

Monday, September 3, 2018

Episode 064 ~You Vote With Your Crotch~

Forty-Eighth Rule Madam Justice

Give Me One Reason, to fight my biology, the Chemical impulses, or the denial of fate, especially at this stage of the game, I haven’t known such fear since hmm… cops burst down my father’s door years ago; I nearly lost my job because of some bitch. How about the first time I saw Little Lupe, I visited Motherless.com, and now Pinterest again, hell if I’m still here Wednesday I might tell you all about it but now Co-Ed Confidential.

“At 4 1/2 months old, a human fetus has a reptile’s tail; a remnant of our evolution. Maybe that’s what I couldn’t escape. You can fight a lot of enemies and survive. But if you fight your biology, you will always lose.” Lord Of War

You’ll have to forgive me if I can’t get the quote word for word but James from Co-Ed Confidential (porn series) talks about how your head can become confused, your gut can do so many things, your heart, how it’s broken but your crotch well… points the way. I didn’t say the right direction but somewhere wanted, hell it’s how you get Trump in the White House, a guy sleeps with pornstars, the Catholic church, and its horrors, and a Pastor gropes Ariana Grande. Meanwhile all day I’ve felt utterly terrified, and it will probably be worse tomorrow, today being a holiday and all, I still remember when I got sent to an “alternative school” for my “wanting” of violence; honestly the lesser of two evils Madam Justice I’m saying.

“I believe in consequences.

No, you believe in guilt.

Maybe. But guilt, before we act, is called morality.” Liberal Arts

What about wrestling, I’ve seen Charlotte Flair naked, but I still root for Becky Lynch for wanting to kick her ass because I believe that’s fair, now why can’t that be the same for other women, for other decisions in my life. Something beautiful can stop a lot of destruction and then again it’s beauty that can cause the same annihilation and then you know what they say about an eye for an eye. Atom Bomb Baby, so if wanting madness and mayhem makes me question Am I A Psycho and a beautiful woman makes me a creeper what else is there? Power for power but what leads to this and that Justice is MONEY.

“An eye for an eye and the world goes blind.”

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king” (Mixed and different sources)

So if this rule has landed me in such hot water, why don’t I ignore it; because before there was money, when love was not a concept, when feeding your belly and standing tall was all there was, and getting your head caved in well… there was flesh, and that guides everything. Now if I told you that money was all there was for me what would you say, which is worse; the want of death, of life, of all things material, even wanting to be a better man, every single day we vote, how so, Vote With Your Crotch.

I Will Have No Fear

Episode 057 ~Your Wish, Is Their Command~

Written and done, spoken and accomplished, if I were going to open my mouth, I would want to be one giving all kinds of orders, but there is a reason I am not the boss of a lot of things and people. Your Wish Is Their Command

Monday, August 27, 2018

Episode 057 ~Your Wish, Is Their Command~

Forty-Seventh Rule Madam Justice

Give Me One Reason to pray, to wish, to write letters to Santa and then I talk about having no faith in the human race. I include myself in that. Then again people have rarely treated me as though I deserve such consideration. To be honest, since I have known treatment less than a man. Is it any wonder that I want to be more than one? I’m sure all fictional writers have looked at themselves as so much the better. After all, we create our universes and lives, right?

I suppose that’s where it started with me. Of course, you know what type of women inspire my female characters. What of the man who inspires most of my male protagonists? The things I want and the things I can never do. Now, this is more of a discussion for Lady Sophia. Once we enter the real world why is it that I need to trick people into buying books. I could point out authors like J.K. Rowling who knew rejection or E.L. James who people hated. Over fifty million copies and that was only one book. I don’t ask people for anything, and I don’t know what I even intended with my novel, but I do want readers and fans. Hell, I would take the infamy of Marquis de Sade, scary don’t you think?

Speaking of which I’ve talked about control and sex… well, I am dominant. People say sex is all about power, and that’s valid. Also again a chat for Dirty Diana, but these rules speak to the different facets of my life. My little man only has four, don’t crap in the house, don’t steal, when I call he shows, and don’t bite the hand that feeds you. People breed complications, yet if I have to condense all my rules down to one, well. I should start with myself; I wish I could be the man I want to be; could I demand that from myself.

Power is all that matters. Haven’t I said that before, talk about love, money, sex, whatever all these are only the forms that it takes. And whatever your poison the idea that my word is law *sigh*. So simple the thought and I can’t help it. Whether it’s over the mob, the world, a love, or yourself. The power to have all that I could desire Madam Justice in life, Your Wish Is Their Command.

I Will Have No Fear

Fairytales of The First Purge

A review brought to you by the word “subtlety,” which this movie has none of and you know it shouldn’t, if the news every day isn’t freaking you out, as this film appears more like a documentary on America *shudders*. “Fairytales of The First Purge.”

Once upon a time in a film far, far away, well as Randy Marsh would say, “I Thought This Was America” and it is, The First Purge pulls no punches and if you’re not looking to be offended black, white or otherwise maybe you should skip this one, because you will be offended. One way or another this movie is meant to rub you in the wrong way but not like Lex Scott Davis as “Nya” and speaking of the cast I can’t say I honestly knew who any of the actors or the actresses were but even without huge names, it’s still so awesome.

However seeing as how this is a prequel to all the other movies in the franchise, is this one came out before The Purge (2013) I don’t believe the franchise would have ever taken off the way that it has. The First Purge is plenty political, some horror and if you want to see a black man honestly save the day without a good white man to be seen you have to check this out though some call it propaganda, I say “truth hurts.” Leave the kiddies and MAGA hats

Fandango gods appeased, okay you want something genuinely controversial, *ahem* The First Purge was probably blacker than Black Panther, now I hear you all booing, being an African-American man from the suburbs what do I know, my grandmother’s house was only Projects adjacent. I’ve never been to Africa and the only time I thought about it was to see what inspired the land of Wakanda, with The First Purge I was brought up with a ton of racially charged movies. A black crime lord is what is going to tick plenty of African-Americans off; this movie has some black on black crime, a killer high off everything and the hero; well, we’ll get to that, no spoilers but get ready.

Now any white people who use the word as I said propaganda has undoubtedly not seen the President and who he supports, if anyone is mad because of that, look in the mirror, and I will show you a racist. I think plenty of people missed the boat when it comes to The First Purge, always too much of something but I don’t think there was enough purging, and that’s one of the points, but I do think this movie is trying to imagine people as better than they are.

At least when the purge first begins, this movie is not meant to be subtle by any means, it’s focus and truly direct, a “This Is America” reference in your face like Childish Gambino and there is no spoon full of sugar, take your medicine. If you bury your head in the sand for all the references this movie displays, it’s still one hell of a ride, if you like guns, your heroes manly, and as was said in the trailer, you’ll see the best and the worst of people.

Long story short, an experiment will take place on Staten Island they call The Purge, residents may leave if they choose but are offered five-thousand dollars to stay and are implanted to make sure. Those who wish to “participate” may earn more, what a way to find out who to purge and two opposite sides of the spectrum, Nya with no money and “Dmitri” played by Y’lan Noel, the rich drug dealer are saying the same thing, “DO NOT PURGE.” We also have “Dr. Updale” played by Marisa Tomei… excuse me for not recognizing her, but who I agree with well her concept even if it was proven wrong, right…

Politics, Horror, action aside, the President is a racist for those of you who don’t know and you see this when Dr. Updale’s theory is disproven and the NFAA steps in, with full KKK, Nazi, and *gasp* cop uniforms, where one man is beaten to death by the police. It gets worse in another scene we see armed white men leaving a church, where they have shot the congregation to death. In one of the lesser gruesome moments, let’s call it a Trump moment when Nya feels the hands of an “unknown” assailant and three guesses as to what he was feeling for, she’ll tell you as she runs away.

Another reason people will hate this movie besides facing themselves is that sometimes you only want to quiet your mind for a bit, but this is The First Purge I’m talking about; you sort of know what you’re about to watch. Show somebody that knows nothing about America and isn’t white, and they might seriously reconsider coming here, which might show how great this country is, if this doesn’t scare them away that’s for sure.

The reason I’ll give The First Purge four stars (Fandango Scale) is because it couldn’t figure out what it truly wanted to be, better than one, lesser than Anarchy, I would tie it with Election Night. If I haven’t given too much away up to this point, prepare for spoilers but movies these days give too much away at this time, but somethings got to me here and there, both great and annoying just saying.

Near the end, the film says, okay you know who’s going to survive let’s have our leading man kill some Nazis and have him be redeemed back with his lady and the community, though you know in the long run they failed as The Purge went nationwide. In ways, this movie will hurt you, but we can’t forget, how the ruling party talks “thoughts and prayers” while Nya and Dmitri show that we must take action. It was ironic that all the guns Dmitri’s crew bought up that the NFAA thought would be used to kill the poor came back when they fought against the goons the NFAA brought in.

A few of my favorite parts, when Dmitri and company helped out “The Three Wiseman” from a KKK raid, and how the citizens themselves would not surrender even when they were out of bullets and were ready for the final attack. The battle of Nya’s building when Dmitri let loose on the Nazis, and Nya with her brother took up arms despite both having failed to kill anybody for the majority of the movie at that point. Who didn’t like the killer prostitutes, that took me back to my days of playing Saints Row: The Third, talk about predictable but yes most of the movie was you have to roll with it, well you might.

You should; you have to if you don’t think we’re approaching these days, hell you might even say we’re there because how are some people punished again but others will believe this movie is punishment enough. For me, I’ve stopped myself from seeing it again a couple of times while I’m out and about, if I want to watch this country descend into madness, I’ll watch the news tonight seriously Fairytales of The First Purge.

How Long Is Infinity Avengers

I think half of us don’t feel so good and the other half can’t wait to see what happens next and to believe there was a time when I was young that I thought the Power Glove might have been the meanest thing, ask Thanos. How Long Is Infinity Avengers?

Four stars are just the beginning if I can count how many moments I have thought about “Avengers: Infinity War” throughout my day, how about how many tears I’ve cried if I were the crying type or how long it took me to catch my breath. How about how long my heart stopped but if there is one thing you can count on is an Avengers movie to be awe-inspiring and how hard it’s been to keep my mouth shut other than one word, Wow.

I can honestly say for one moment that I was utterly bereft of hope to see something like this, and I wanted the movie to be longer because I couldn’t believe it, and yes this is a superhero movie, but still, I expected I don’t know. As far as the cast goes, I can’t single out one single character because they were all so incredible, how all their movies meshed into that of the greater Marvel universe and I still can’t believe people walk out at any sign of the credits I mean it’s a MARVEL movie people. This film will leave you utterly speechless.

Now with the appeasement of Fandango, what the holy hell was that; I will be the first one to *sigh* the usual endings of this type of thing, and I should warn you now there will be spoilers near the end of my review. Usually, I tend to ramble, and I think Marvel tends to stretch their movies, but this is probably the second movie I sincerely wished was longer next to Black Panther because with Infinity War it’s like no this can’t happen when it’s all over. Let me also say that besides the ending that will undoubtedly draw more people, I think Marvel are some geniuses when they again put Black Panther as the last movie before this; I’m surprised there isn’t more noise considering, to be honest.

The comic fans though must be feeling pretty smug in their superiority, Marvel has me I’ll admit and yes without a doubt I will see the next movie, but I won’t be buying the comics anytime soon, strange since I try to read books before watching films. Here you are reading my thoughts on the subject though; anybody (there’s a tumbleweed) well how long has Thanos been working towards his plan, my perspective is over with a finger snap perhaps.

In the spirit of full transparency, I’ve not seen every single Marvel movie, my list of reasons spanning from, I think Natalie Portman is hot, or I like seeing heroes fight each other, and one of my favorites, I’m an African-American man. So instead of listening every single film that I have seen let’s focus on this one, stop me if you heard this, bad guy wants to do bad things, and a group of superheroes that aren’t exactly friends must stop him somehow, someway.

How to blend so many different storylines, there are sure to be a few misses, not that it takes from the movie at all but they don’t go unnoticed and tying everything into a cute bow is incredibly impressive. Visually and maybe I’m jaded by this point, but it wasn’t the most beautiful place, but you’re mesmerized in the world and everybody I suppose drifts to their favorites heroes which is again a hit and miss with me. Of course, we get the Stan Lee cameo, which is one of those things that I can’t honestly comment on seeing as how I’m not this comic book fanatic but something that I look forward to considerably.

As far as villains go, always you have to do your research since they can be as replaceable as villain A, B, and C, along with an army of henchmen or let’s say cannon fodder. Honestly, we all just wanted one big fight right. You’ll get that sure enough and Thanos for me I was a lot more impressed with his mindset than his imposing figure, seeing as how I am a fan of The Purge Franchise no doubt which can be a scary thought. Comedy-wise, the jokes hit their mark though there was one moment in particular that made me cringe and no it wasn’t the ending but will get to that one misstep.

Think of Avengers: Infinity War as a more colorful and happy “Watchmen” with a more significant body count, Marvel vs. DC can’t say I have ever chosen a side but if we count the movies I’ve seen, I like Batman but sorry DC. Avengers: Infinity War is different from its other films by the fact that you want to learn about this world and everything in it. As in most of the flicks, you have a moral question, but they gave me a book so that I could understand the Infinity Gauntlet, I want it.

If we’re going by the Fandango scale I’ll give it four out of five stars, yes I know I’m hard to please, and I become upset over the dumbest things, but the fact that this movie didn’t have me looking at my watch is saying something. How about saying this, don’t look any further than here, this movie won me over, I’d see it again, I would buy it, I’ll see the next one but enough time has passed so yes spoiler alert, just saying.

The moment that made me cringe and yes this was so freaking dumb for me to care about is when they arrive at Wakanda and Bruce Banner is wondering whether or not to bow to King T’Challa, and he does. So yeah it’s a bit of an awkward moment, can’t stand stupidity for stupidity’s sake. Then we have Thanos and minions, can you say Darkside, more comic book wars or what have you; Thanos’s plan, is excellent and the fact that you might be able to see a bit where he’s coming from I believe. How about the fact that some major cities have bared the brunt of evil and suddenly Wakanda is being asked to throw everything into this, to me, it’s a bit unfair but whatever gets fans.

As for the moments that got me to geek out, must I say this with every review, yes because I don’t like to lie or omit and in this day and age men are being taught saying anything will get you in trouble? *Ahem* I adore the ladies, in particular, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow and where’s Valkyrie? The battles always get me but I wanted to see more of what the Infinity Gauntlet could do before Thanos went for the main course, and I wished the fight was even more detailed, I mean not just the heroes. Spider-Man and not the end but that moment Tony Stark knighted him somewhat into the Avengers and of course the ending that I never saw coming at all; who is Captain Marvel?

I’m hoping I won’t end up like Annie Wilkes seeing all the sequels that will be coming out to explain all that has happened; I’m somewhat surprised there wasn’t more of an outcry except against Star-Lord. No use crying about it now since you can see if Thanos got to you “didthanoskill.me” but I doubt any of us will be gong long, until 2019 but How Long Is Infinity Avengers.

Lesson 294 ~The Ease of Jealousy~

So today wasn’t my day and tomorrow I might finally finish another novel; fifty-thousand words, while somebody else will write one sentence and the world will be all a “Twitter” won’t they, am I jealous? The Ease of Jealousy.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Lesson 294 ~The Ease of Jealousy~

Hey Lady Lu,
I Am Not Fine Today, because I apparently overestimated people’s stupidity or maybe I underestimated the power of my laziness but I’m still working today even though I slacked off a bit yesterday a lot… the dog groomers, the bank, shopping, excuses. How often do I rely on people being terrible at their jobs just to make myself feel better, not that I could do such things, but I have a higher calling; these people sustain life but don’t writers and the other artists make it worth something, a reason Lady Lu.

“And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” ― Dead Poets Society

Now it’s one thing to see all these authors, talented, tremendous, gifted, but what are the odds that I’ll meet Skye Warren, that one of my books will have me dancing with Jennifer Lawrence at some soiree, or I’ll end up on the big screen, well porn has awards. It’s when I see people I know; you remember the bitch that got me back into writing because I was so ashamed of myself “Look Who Grossed Up” and that was Two Hundred And Ninety-Four posts ago. I suppose she’s still writing, was even getting contacted by publishers and such and here I am, I’ve been writing most of my life, and okay I’m jealous, secure enough to admit that right?

Males shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait” ― Jay-Z

Anyway, so last night this extreme Christian girl I once worked with has started her blog. I peeked at it, and again those feelings of shame and regret crept up, and I probably won’t often visit just because as the song goes “I don’t ever wanna feel like I did that day.” Isn’t that easy, be respectful to women, but I’ll be jealous too, of her following, of all the likes and fans perhaps? All she will have to do is be herself *sigh*. Now I could argue the other way about being “green” it’s not easy making money, not if you’re me, it’s easy being “a sick pig” or skeeve as you know who called me; if she knew.

One mean word spawned thousands if not millions that were better left going unwritten though, someone told me recently she discovered my work, and it is nice to have a fan, you don’t know how much. It’s not easy getting up and exposing all my secrets, some I suppose, it’s not easy looking at my work and not blaming alcohol or drugs, yeah I’m bad at my craft, and that Lady Lu is what brings *sigh* The Ease of Jealousy.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 077 ~That’s Too Much Sauce~

It’s just too much but what am I supposed to do quit, maybe it would help if I ever got to bed at a decent hour but what are the odds of that happening anytime soon? That’s Too Much Sauce, would it hurt to have a day off

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lesson 077 ~That’s Too Much Sauce~

Hey Lady Lu,
No Fear and maybe then you will find a little less silence; what am I talking about, well I was a rather chatterbox, not to people but my camera and that is something. Long story short I was busy trying to cook and I decided to put it on camera, I’m still working on it now but I had to find time to sit down and talk.

You should sit down or we need to talk is never a great way to start a conversation, I’m sure we’ve been over that but neither is spending all day in bed. Burning the candle at both ends, how about burning the midnight oil, as long as I’m not burring the house down but the way things have been going… Seriously I should just step back for a little bit, it’s not like I’m letting anyone down, maybe one person on Instagram, one on Whisper, the individual isn’t that right?

“The needs of the many, outweigh…

The needs of the few.

Or the one.” Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan

I swear I was at the last of my energy, writing and my day job and now trying to do videos as well, whatever is the price of success if that is truly what I have been after all this time and what would I call too high a price? It’s not wrong is it to take a step back and try to recover, anger, fear, desire, sometimes I actually envy those people who find any sort of peace lasting longer than a few seconds. Am I trying to justify, taking a break to you, yeah you remember the last break we took and it hasn’t been three months yet and I won’t abandon you this time… do I promise?

“There’s a peace only to be found on the other side of war. If that war should come I will fight it!” First Knight (1995)

I’m going too far on one side of the line but I can’t go back to a blank slate either but then again I was pumping out 5,000 words daily when it came to my writing and that seems a Herculean task considering I was trying to make life easier. I’ll probably take tonight to think about it, or probably not but if I could just talk like I was doing today with the video and of course I will always have a respect for the written word, I can’t.

So what have I learned today besides the fact that I can’t give up being with you like this but I can’t keep up this sort of pace you know Luna That’s Too Much Sauce.

I Will Have No Fear