Episode 330 ~Stupidity Is Not An Entitlement~

Another day of mourning and remembrance, today is Memorial Day and a favorite restaurant of mine closing down shop, and yet my brain is full of thoughts of money and not being stupid with it, people deserve better. Stupidity Is Not An Entitlement

Monday, May 27, 2019

Episode 330 ~Stupidity Is Not An Entitlement~

Eighty-Sixth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, but I’m not stupid. Hell, Madam Justice if I were to name the top crimes, stupidity would surely be among the top five. It’s sad to say I share in the guilt of such a thing. No matter how much money I acquire, isn’t there a saying about a fool and his money? Anyway, this morning, my brain has been on fire with all sorts of ideas. Things like out of the Playboy Mansion.

Money, in a way, allows you to be stupid, which is why I watch some give it away. Though and yes, I’m a broken record. I have no respect for someone making billions and then having a charity “whatever.” Then handing over a million like that helps. How about those who share their wealth for a church. Look I want to see the Norte Dame. Only if you can raise over a half billion while people starve in the street every day, how did Chris Rock say it? “That shit is wrong.” I’ve also pointed out that if I ever mention the French Riviera or Caviar, shoot me. Look I will go to France one day, and I’ve never been inclined to taste fish eggs eww.

On the other hand, poverty makes people do some strange things. I’ve never tried pig feet or chitlins. My family has, though, like something out of slavery survival handbook.

Speaking of books, I won’t say my family is wealthy, but I am a bit hoity-toity. I don’t buy store brands. I’ll spend more if a company has done right by me in the past. As for the Day Job, once I have my salary, the store isn’t getting its money back. Even for discounts. I want enough money to stay me and to set me on my path to getting more. Oh, before I forget the great five ideas and the top five crimes.

  1. Convince Girls To Model For Me And Serve As Inspiration For Writing “Sex Sells”
  2. Find A Job At The Moonlite Bunny Ranch; A Driver, Ads For The Lovers, Busboy
  3. Escort Agency; Again As A Driver
  4. Start A Patreon With My Models, Ask Milf Dos
  5. Finish One Of My Books Finally

As you can see, I’m going over my time, which has been the theme for today. Well besides it being Memorial Day or the first day without the Seafood & Chicken Box. Americans didn’t die for us to be behind the rest of the world. Why don’t I ask, why didn’t I buy the restaurant? I’m still reaching for my million, and I could use the “goo” for the place I’ll open in Nevada when I make it there. I’m making plans, I didn’t inherit wealth, and that’s a good thing, I’m not stupid Justice; Stupidity Is Not An Entitlement.

  1. Destruction Of Spirit
  2. Rape
  3. Harming Animals Or Children
  4. Treachery “Donald Trump”
  5. Murder, Of Anyone That Doesn’t Have It Coming Somehow

I Will Have No Fear

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