Episode 335 ~Will’s The Magic Word~

Morpheus said something to the tune of, “don’t think you are, know you are,” so I am rich, but I am also upset, and let’s said nine other things, but the only Treachery I find is with myself. “Will’s The Magic Word”

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Episode 335 ~Will’s The Magic Word~

Hey Lady Lu,

I AM a Millionaire right now. Praise be, excuse me I’ve gotten into watching The Handmaid’s Tale. Isn’t it funny the moment I give up 90% of PORN I get into the rights of women? I’ve always been Pro-Choice; women kick men’s ass in the adult entertainment industry. Also, I ain’t even mad at the cosplayer today

Writings, Witticisms, And Wisdom, in these three words, would encompass all my sins. Now if I’m going to get all preachy today (a minister said I would). Let’s start with the LIMBO, that is my blog and other writing. Of course, when I’m not doing that again, we get into why I started writing. Okay so if I give Think and Grow Rich, a voice, it would be Chapter 11 Transmutation which is all about LUST. In that, I couldn’t agree more on the author’s views of sex. As for the last sin at this level and it was a toughie, I would go with dear HERSEY. Haven’t I told the story of when I was a child the first word I remember writing was my name? In Jesus name, in God’s and how many women. Still, in the end, it’s my word, and no one else’s, that’s a fact.

Now, this leads me to GREED. I never started writing on the grounds of getting rich. My purpose was to be Cyrano de Bergerac, minus the death. I am also getting the girl but the going rate for women? Didn’t I say I’m not angry, but indeed I feed off punishment? Such is my GLUTTONY and even more so I want to dish it out. Such is my sadistic dominance. Now Christian wasn’t right in Fifty Shades. Hell, I avoid women that remind me of my mother, but I do understand his reasoning. Okay so I do have ANGER, let me explain. I’m on Patreon for $10. The cosplayer says she’s giving up modeling and having a final blowout 700 pictures this month. So you move to the $50 tier.

So I wait all month and you know I haven’t been doing “VIOLENCE” to myself and not writing about it in another novel. FRAUD, if anything, I don’t pretend what I am anymore (okay Day Job). Only she didn’t keep her word. TREACHERY is too big a word for this but for $100, STUPID, I thought WILL’s The Magic Word.

I Will Have No Fear

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