Gospel 049 ~Willing A Five-Finger Discount~

Why can’t every night end with a movie that’s tripper than my life? Then again, I give myself too much credit, so it must be the Pride. Today though, I want to talk about Envy and Greed *Ahem* Hey Jealousy. “Willing A Five-Finger Discount.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Gospel 049 ~Willing A Five-Finger Discount~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I wasn’t smart enough to steal it. My first sin of today is being jealous of the people that work for it. Now keep in mind when I say, “Hey Jealousy,” it’s not aimed at any billionaire. I will admit it can be at anything or anyone. “Girlfriend Reviews,” “Nikki and Steven,” “Tony Baker,” Katie O’Shaughnessy, for example. What about that movie I saw last night “The Stranger” on Quibi? Yeah, how can I get mad at the writing on that? I like all of this Inspector, but which sin is worse Envy or Greed?

As always, I focus on myself, so I should throw Pride in there. I haven’t been in Lust in a few days, eight days NO FAP. My Sloth explains why I’m in bed on a Wednesday evening. That leaves Wrath and Gluttony, but I’m only hurting myself with them both.

Anyway, Greed and let’s deal with the crimes so easy I can do them with one hand. You, of course, know what I excel at with one hand. I can’t say I haven’t been on some porn sites, but I keep both hands on the keyboard. Still, I couldn’t help being turned on by Maika Monroe, aka Clare. I’ve confessed that a tragic story of a particular “genre” gets me. The only difference here is Dane DeHaan, aka Carl E., was trying to kill her. Still, the “obsessive” erotica I read. How I like Pure Taboo and others. I might give Quibi my money, SIGH.

So I wonder why I’m not doing right by My Dæmon. I’m too busy as always providing for Yabbos. With these hands, we’re staying afloat, but I’m lifting him with one, petting him with one, etc. He’s my old man.

I love him like pancakes, but I know it isn’t enough. Am I a good Dad? I want to be an excellent writer. Inspector Echo, this is more Lady Sophia’s wheelhouse, but I was thinking of a story at work today. Yep, Cherry will be in it once again. Hell, how do I get any writing done, ever, typing with one hand? The other should slap me (masochist tendencies)? Ow!

Only I won’t wake up. I mean, I got the Day Job, but I’m always on Spotify listening to the saddest songs ever about life. The life I’m stealing from myself, Willing A Five-Finger Discount.

I Will Have No Fear

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