Gospel 049 ~Willing A Five-Finger Discount~

Why can’t every night end with a movie that’s tripper than my life? Then again, I give myself too much credit, so it must be the Pride. Today though, I want to talk about Envy and Greed *Ahem* Hey Jealousy. “Willing A Five-Finger Discount.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Gospel 049 ~Willing A Five-Finger Discount~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I wasn’t smart enough to steal it. My first sin of today is being jealous of the people that work for it. Now keep in mind when I say, “Hey Jealousy,” it’s not aimed at any billionaire. I will admit it can be at anything or anyone. “Girlfriend Reviews,” “Nikki and Steven,” “Tony Baker,” Katie O’Shaughnessy, for example. What about that movie I saw last night “The Stranger” on Quibi? Yeah, how can I get mad at the writing on that? I like all of this Inspector, but which sin is worse Envy or Greed?

As always, I focus on myself, so I should throw Pride in there. I haven’t been in Lust in a few days, eight days NO FAP. My Sloth explains why I’m in bed on a Wednesday evening. That leaves Wrath and Gluttony, but I’m only hurting myself with them both.

Anyway, Greed and let’s deal with the crimes so easy I can do them with one hand. You, of course, know what I excel at with one hand. I can’t say I haven’t been on some porn sites, but I keep both hands on the keyboard. Still, I couldn’t help being turned on by Maika Monroe, aka Clare. I’ve confessed that a tragic story of a particular “genre” gets me. The only difference here is Dane DeHaan, aka Carl E., was trying to kill her. Still, the “obsessive” erotica I read. How I like Pure Taboo and others. I might give Quibi my money, SIGH.

So I wonder why I’m not doing right by My Dæmon. I’m too busy as always providing for Yabbos. With these hands, we’re staying afloat, but I’m lifting him with one, petting him with one, etc. He’s my old man.

I love him like pancakes, but I know it isn’t enough. Am I a good Dad? I want to be an excellent writer. Inspector Echo, this is more Lady Sophia’s wheelhouse, but I was thinking of a story at work today. Yep, Cherry will be in it once again. Hell, how do I get any writing done, ever, typing with one hand? The other should slap me (masochist tendencies)? Ow!

Only I won’t wake up. I mean, I got the Day Job, but I’m always on Spotify listening to the saddest songs ever about life. The life I’m stealing from myself, Willing A Five-Finger Discount.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 217 ~To Talk Means A Vocabulary~

Replace “talk” with “write,” I write too much, plus I’m a low, middle-class black man and things wouldn’t turn out so hot under the law but then look at the president and why one of my favorite songs is I Wanna Be Rich. To Talk Means A Vocabulary hmm

Monday, February 3, 2020

Log 217 ~To Talk Means A Vocabulary~

Hundred And Twenty-Second Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I have three different rules about money. None of them say money talks though it’s the meaning. You know I usually tell you I don’t mean to be political. However, these past few days have all been people talking about what they say and language. I tell you about all the humming/buzzing going on in “my” place. My dæmon tells me everything, and he’s never uttered a word. My Mom would tell me my “Father” loves me, but if anything, that’s said with so much cash.

Is that where I get it from, hmm? I wouldn’t say I love my membership with SubscribeStar Adult, but I still forked over $20.00. How about Jada Chan, that was another $10.00. Indeed, money is a universal language, and I don’t like what mine is saying. Oh yeah, I’m still downloading, though, aren’t I? My money tells me, I’m going to be working at the Day Job for the rest of my life. How about I’m not worth much, so I’m not getting that “lettuce” both for tacos and my experience. All my green is telling me goodbye every single day despite what Trump’s tax plan says. Okay, as Eric Thomas would say, let’s get away from money though he has plenty. What about Grammarly and Hemingway? You know I use them to check my writing daily, and I don’t even sound like myself anymore.

For the most part, I sound like a pervert, for example, the way I talk to Cherry. What about the reason I talk to M Anime? There’s also how I organize “certain” files in my universe. It’s as if I’m walking around with a gag all the time. Speaking of time, I should say this before I run out of time and words. Four hundred words a day, or I try. Anyway, if what I speak isn’t inappropriate, it’s downright STUPID. One of these days, it will take over as number one beating the term “Skeevy.” Again I keep writing because words like sorry, hate, and basic you know what doesn’t cut it at all. I talk about being honest, but that usually turns out being, precisely what people think I am. Madam Justice, I value the power of knowledge but take a look around.

I want to learn to speak loudly and clearly, ROAR. To Talk Means A Vocabulary

I Will Have No Fear

Log 210 ~Texting Speed Equals Want Need~

I’m still plenty for tradition when it comes to books and writing, but I do use my laptop, along with everything else, and you know I was never one for conversations over the phone on in-person, *shudders*. “Texting Speed Equals Want Need”

Monday, January 27, 2020

Log 210 ~Texting Speed Equals Want Need~

Hundred And Twenty-First Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and that’s because as the song goes, I “Say” what I need to say. Now I can run an empire by my phone one way; only I still need to speak. If anything, though, I still prefer text be it the Day Job, my Olds, or “dozens” of other people I prefer not to talk to ever.

To quote another song, “What About Your Friends?” Since I am in a foul mood, forgive my impression of “Scar” my friends. The humming is beginning to get to me, that’s been going on for days on end. I wonder, can you text a handyman? You can, I’m sure of, but I’ve already cut off most of the house trying to find the source. So back to my friends who I’ve texted every day for at least a week now. Indiana Gone called me the nice guy, which I don’t mind coming from her being honest. It’s my other friends I haven’t seen undressed though.

One more reason my phone is my enemy at the moment. Now, like most people, I have come to rely on it far too often. You know that old song, Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, it’s become, phone, wallet, keys. Let me go all Austin Powers, spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch. I’m more Kid, Phone, Spectacles, Wallet, Keys. Even with all of this, there’s still the constant fear of hacking. I swear I checked my phone and had a few open pages, and now I’m wondering did I close them. With all the humming, you have to forgive the music; Somebody’s Watching Me. Okay, back to texting, I’m always saying something so STUPID. Of course, you know what’s been my motive for the past couple of weeks; I’m giving money away. Not on Patreon or Onlyfans, needing the personal touch.

You know writing Cherry another poem for starters. I also have to get back to M Anime, but I’m busy talking to you. Indiana Gone is my best friend, and I only need to keep her so. If I were to put the three of them in a list? No, I’m not that crass. Yeah, this coming from a guy whose poetic aspirations include Breasts, Tongue. Thighs, and Behind. No woman would tolerate such poetry.

I need friends, but I want more as always, Justice, Texting Speed Equals Want Need.

I Will Have No Fear

Log 203 ~Here’s To Nights Of Living~

My nights would be, well more my life would be NC-17 because what makes me feel so alive, as in the movie “Just Looking” ahem “An act of love,” but for now, I don’t need to be awake all night waiting. “Here’s To Nights Of Living.”

Monday, January 20, 2020

Log 203 ~Here’s To Nights Of Living~

Hundred And Twentieth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I still don’t know if I would build a time machine. Today is Saturday, and I thought one of my big worries would have vanished. I swear, how long ago was it that I read How to Stop Worrying and Start Living? What about Naughty Little Christmas? When was the last evening that I played Far Cry 5 and lived through the whole session? I’m not going to lie to you, Madam Justice, but I talked about my current “obsession” with trains and buses. Train To Bust didn’t go creating itself nor did A Load For Cherry, my newest art piece.

So why have I been staying up half the night? If anything for this evening’s activities, I’ll be doing battle with Jacob Seed and then taking his bunker. Anything to take my mind off tomorrow, but you know how my old man is, I was supposed to sit on my hide and wait. Now let’s be honest, I’m a homebody; nights out on the town, don’t do it for me, Madam Justice. Sure, when I open my brothel or after my bestseller, there will be movie premieres and such. Guests will travel at the dead of night to visit my establishments. I see myself as the boss in Saints Row: The Third. Of course, I could tell you my real plans for the night, but I’m pushing PG-13, as for right now. If my life were a movie, it would be NC-17 almost all the time, and still, I want to be a family man.

For now, I am, sitting here with My Dæmon sleeping. I have a full belly, and the world isn’t ending. As my motivations would shout, I am blessed. Thank you for all my blessings, show gratitude for how life is at this moment. I often talk about LUST though being my great sin, what about GREED. The perfect day, what about the perfect night? I want to be out at the movies with a few pretty girls. Besides the stuff they would do, we would go to a “certain” type of club. I could spoil the movie for another girl. Also, I want a five-star hotel and my video camera. I wouldn’t worry about anything in the morning. Tonight I am alive, Far Cry 5, working on my stash, bed?

Here’s To Nights Of Living

I Will Have No Fear

Yes, I’ll Have Cherry Pop

Brings a tear to your eye or a hammer to your heart but kind of the author to go first with all of her poetry as short as it was, but if you’re expecting here comes the sun, well Moses saw a burning bush. Yes, I’ll Have Cherry Pop

Maybe I should say I’ll have a “coke” before my southern roots finally disappear; I was born up north near Boston, and while I’m not a huge tea drinker and I’m further from England now, the books are still pretty good indeed. One such book is “Cherry” by Courtenay S. Gray, and this book of poetry is more than a cherry pop I would say this is a cherry bomb and no not like that.

Four out of five stars, with poems that range from sweet to tart, from a somewhat unknown writer, I found her by accident, to be honest, sort of like Moses seeing the burning bush, and I wonder how the rest of the world isn’t hearing her yet. Maybe she’s like the first cherry blossom blooming, and soon we’ll all be getting rained on by her words as I believe this is only her second book but speaking as a fellow writer we all start somewhere. I don’t know where, to begin with, her words though if I just had one word to define the theme of her work somehow, then that word would have to be… one guess *ahem* LOVE.

I can see that she loves her work but where there is love there is also hate, and I couldn’t begin to tell you the demographic for her work, you’ll leave it with your conflictions of love and hate. She’s also a person that seems to be crying out for love, the thing is, does she want it for herself or does it come as a desire for someone else, trading her broken heart for something new, because she may break your heart? Maybe it’s more of an affair; there’s even a poem called “The Two-Month Love Affair” but no worries you can finish the book in one sitting and isn’t the point of a one-night stand, okay maybe an hour to make sure all parties are honestly satisfied completely?

Yes, this book will fill you up, but I’m not sure if it’s with wisdom, the nostalgic feeling of a broken heart or a taste of Nightlock… The Hunger Games, anyone, okay a touch of poison. It will probably be a bit of all three and a whole lot more; with Cherry, you’ll feel like a kid again to a senior in no time flat.

I can’t begin to tell you which was my favorite poem of Courtenay’s though I found myself highlighting a few passages here and there that go from lovely to downright depressing and speaks about “Things That Make You Go Hmmm.” Now I’m still trying to find out who would be the right fit for this book, other than a guy who happens to be searching Goodreads or Twitter at just the right time of day.

The first line of “False Gods” which I found to be inspirational for some reason in a do you step or do you leap XBOX type of way, and who am I to say what the author was thinking, other than risk. Her work “The Last Farce” had me looking at her bio, she’s probably the youngest author I’ve read as she’s twenty years old and once you wrap your head around that a lot of her work makes a smidge more sense. “Blue Moon” and “Many Strings Attached” are tied for highlights and had me parodying Peter Griffin when he spoke of Lionel Richie’s “Hello”; you wonder who’s more in the wrong, the girl doing the chasing or the guys that she is chasing.

Speaking as someone who knows a few broken hearts I can relate, anyone with a broken heart will, and maybe that’s who should read this but don’t look for solace or consolation here, I think this is for the author alone. It doesn’t have that I’ve known such hurt and now here I am standing tall empowerment that most women are into nowadays, this is an acknowledgment of pain trying to escape in these words. Now, this probably will sound quite sexist but maybe this was written for her lovers to see and understand, she’s apparently angry in The Two Month Love Affair, but still in love, no question there.

If I were to tell you every poem that spoke to me, that carries such pain or longing, hell a few even turn me on, meaning I might be like one of the guys she talks about which is a bad thing but I still bought it didn’t I? Without a doubt, I’ll be buying her next one, and I still need to buy her first one, call me curious, was she already hurt then or will those be more sunshine and rainbows, highly doubtful.

Four out of five stars easy only two things keep it from greatness and should brevity count as one, that’s just me being a writer I guess, I could crank out a hundred poems and a book by tomorrow which is probably why this is so unheard of now. There is also let’s say the promise that the author makes to the reader, again I’m a guy, getting turned on doesn’t count but what about ladies who pick this up?

I keep going over in my head the purpose for this book if the author was trying to console herself or inform those who hurt her, why take it so far with this book; honestly I think that the world should see this and there are plenty of unknowns just waiting for their discovery. In 500 Days of Summer, I heard “to get over a girl turn her into literature,” and I guess it works with getting over a guy but the purpose of this is not to get over but to never be forgotten. Maybe it was only a test run, and if that’s the case, I might want my money back; yes, I enjoyed the book, but it was over so incredibly fast.

As for the promise that the author says this collection seeks to unearth your deepest desires; I see a tiny bit of the erotica I read but if that’s the case, what is it you’re looking for, young love but most women might be too mature for this. I can see a mom buying this for their daughter and every dad eyeing any potential suitors suspiciously but hoping this keeps their kids locked in their rooms. As the song goes how “it’s only love.” Will this author find it professionally or dare I say personally? In both cases, I do have high hopes for her, but he better be a million times smarter than whoever she’s writing about in this.

It’s worth the price but know what you’re getting into or look her up on Twitter, honestly, I hope I’m helping her because “Cherry” is so good, and now that song she’s my “Cherry Pie” is playing in my head, don’t I wish. She’s still a bit of a “new” author, and we all know another word for that don’t we, so I think maybe Yes, I’ll Have Cherry Pop.