Gospel 271 ~Know Your Sins Before Others~

I’m an open book but there are some I don’t share. Now aren’t I always saying that Braxton’s death is the hardest thing to know. The final bill still sits, I tell everybody. When’s the last time I haven’t mentioned him. “Know Your Sins Before Others”

Monday, March 29, 2021

Gospel 271 ~Know Your Sins Before Others~

Hundred And Eighty-First Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and Braxton never knew. Oh, come on now, he had more faith.

Now before I wax on all “poetic” about B’s eyes… Aww, screw it. B III looked at me as though I alone had the power to save him. He believed, with all his might, that I would take him home that day. I am his Dad, and I couldn’t be anything else. What I became? I’m sure Amazon is wondering the same thing. Yeah, I’m still burning money like it’s going out of style. As a matter of fact, I’m gazing at some “style” right now if Amazon Prime is true to their word. Let’s just say it’s concerning “Lollipop Chainsaw” fashion sense, Madam Justice. Speaking of cash and my absurdities with it, my GREED. To think I “give-up” one sin for that of GREED.

I’m sure two redheads are laughing their way to the bank. One of them was something over a year ago. Petting Braxton, him sitting here while I read, kept me from more sinful pursuits. I wanted to be a good example but ask Indiana Gone something about that ha. I’m still reading. “Anything good?” you ask? Depends on your definition of good. Of all the things I would tell B III about, recounting my latest… Yeah, with my “retail therapy.” Is that what it’s called? Well, at least I did cancel that Patreon, and it’s not like this is new. Several subscriptions still await. Isn’t it funny that the WWE isn’t one that had me the slightest bit conflicted? “Born in LUST turn to dust.”

No, I’m not reading Stephen King. It’s not like what I am reading is putting me to sleep either. I’m tired, Madam Justice. Last week… if I survived since I am talking to you March 26. Now I’ve mentioned how much I despise the Day Job; being so rageful also depressed. Although Braxton is the cause of one of those. Not that I’m blaming him. Because around this time, January 29, I was witnessing my ultimate failure as his father. Yep, I called the Veterinarian. Last night, I was so out of it with exhaustion, but my Mom called; wakefulness. It’s the one thing that gets me moving, and out of my SLOTH, another’s pain.

Braxton’s death… I knew before the doctor’s words, “He’s Gone.” Know Your Sins Before Others

BLM Braxton’s Life Matters,

Gospel 049 ~Willing A Five-Finger Discount~

Why can’t every night end with a movie that’s tripper than my life? Then again, I give myself too much credit, so it must be the Pride. Today though, I want to talk about Envy and Greed *Ahem* Hey Jealousy. “Willing A Five-Finger Discount.”

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Gospel 049 ~Willing A Five-Finger Discount~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I wasn’t smart enough to steal it. My first sin of today is being jealous of the people that work for it. Now keep in mind when I say, “Hey Jealousy,” it’s not aimed at any billionaire. I will admit it can be at anything or anyone. “Girlfriend Reviews,” “Nikki and Steven,” “Tony Baker,” Katie O’Shaughnessy, for example. What about that movie I saw last night “The Stranger” on Quibi? Yeah, how can I get mad at the writing on that? I like all of this Inspector, but which sin is worse Envy or Greed?

As always, I focus on myself, so I should throw Pride in there. I haven’t been in Lust in a few days, eight days NO FAP. My Sloth explains why I’m in bed on a Wednesday evening. That leaves Wrath and Gluttony, but I’m only hurting myself with them both.

Anyway, Greed and let’s deal with the crimes so easy I can do them with one hand. You, of course, know what I excel at with one hand. I can’t say I haven’t been on some porn sites, but I keep both hands on the keyboard. Still, I couldn’t help being turned on by Maika Monroe, aka Clare. I’ve confessed that a tragic story of a particular “genre” gets me. The only difference here is Dane DeHaan, aka Carl E., was trying to kill her. Still, the “obsessive” erotica I read. How I like Pure Taboo and others. I might give Quibi my money, SIGH.

So I wonder why I’m not doing right by My Dæmon. I’m too busy as always providing for Yabbos. With these hands, we’re staying afloat, but I’m lifting him with one, petting him with one, etc. He’s my old man.

I love him like pancakes, but I know it isn’t enough. Am I a good Dad? I want to be an excellent writer. Inspector Echo, this is more Lady Sophia’s wheelhouse, but I was thinking of a story at work today. Yep, Cherry will be in it once again. Hell, how do I get any writing done, ever, typing with one hand? The other should slap me (masochist tendencies)? Ow!

Only I won’t wake up. I mean, I got the Day Job, but I’m always on Spotify listening to the saddest songs ever about life. The life I’m stealing from myself, Willing A Five-Finger Discount.

I Will Have No Fear

Lesson 097 ~Twist In My Anxiety~

I’m being swept up in ideas at the moment but I won’t dare say I’m winning at life lest everything just gets blown apart but at least it’s not gray. Twist In My Anxiety, when everything seems to be going okay and then whoosh but right now woohoo

Friday, October 6, 2017

Lesson 097 ~Twist In My Anxiety~

Hey Lady Lu
No Fear, I’m going to blame it on my anxiety, my irritability, my laziness, and what about all the only craziness that I’ve been going through lately?

First I have some good news and some bad news… I’m not tossing you away again let’s just say I’m going to spread you out some, yeah I really need a girlfriend or at least to go back to watching porn. Anyway, what I’m saying is, I finally have an idea for my virtual brothel, that’s the good news, seven days and seven entries, more bad news is you’ll be the last, let me survive the week and I’ll tell you what I can Saturday. Now does that sound crazier or lazier, when it comes to my story, yeah I have been slacking a lot?

Should I keep riding this train of positivity, today I found out I won a swag pack from Kit Rocha, you know The Beyond Series, when’s the last time I won anything… PCH but that was only a hundred bucks, talk about a kick to the balls. See that’s why I’m going to have another girl I can talk about these things to, though I’m sure “Indiana Gone” wouldn’t mind at all, not going there.

No movie tonight and I’m still attempting to hold off any and all depravity but with the way, I have been talking to “Gospel Girl” lately, what am I always telling Indian Gone ‘behave’. I’m trying Lady Lu, you know how I try and I wrote another review today for the movie “The Mountain Between Us” so I’m not going to mention all of the naughty things I want to do to Kate Winslet. Besides brunettes I’m still trying to decipher what it is about this girl or that girl, what sin does she feed in me, yeah my novel…

The Seven Sins, just seven I think

Luna = Therapy
Justice = Rules
Echo = Past Sins
Sophia = Stories
Dear Future Wife
Escort = Fantasies
Will = Man in The Mirror (Will To Love)

This leads me to another question, there are seven deadly sins but nine circles of Hell and I know sooner or later I will have to start consolidating my rules but the plan is to have 365 of them. So while I’m talking about learning, whatever have I learned today besides anxiety is just another word in all this crazy that I feel and that Braxton needs a bath because he’s driving me crazy, just another Twist In My Anxiety.

I Will Have No Fear