Gospel 063 ~When Will Cleans House~

I was a “Hero,” before and this week, I’m only the janitor of the house, and while I wish it was for a good cause. Nah, my Old Man is coming. Hope, I don’t die. My lil sis was in quarantine, and now my Father wants to drop by? When Will Cleans House?

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Gospel 063 ~When Will Cleans House~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I can afford a maid. I’ll admit I drove my last cleaning lady away, asking to see her Yabbos. That’s embarrassing enough. How about my BFF Indiana Gone? When she would come over, I went into a freaking cleaning frenzy. Hell, she told me once that she liked my shrimp pasta, and if I made her some, she’d give me a blowjob. Will he cook, will he clean, will he order takeout, options? All the above. Which brings me to today. The best maid in the world is a man thinking he’ll get laid.

What have I been doing instead of talking to you? I’m proud to say I’ve never been given a swirly. However, this morning I had my head in two toilets. I washed the dishes, cleared out some sex toys. As we speak, I should still be at it. Of course, My Dæmon is all confused. He misses Indiana Gone as do I. Talk about one in a million, and I still speak to her, that’s something. Now before I get into Yabbos or make another mess, I can’t help but contemplate what it takes for me to get it up… to clean. I swear I have been sitting in squalor for months. Inspector Echo, the plague is still upon us, the Coronavirus (COVID-19). It’s like donning clean underwear just in case you die. If I kept talking to MILF Tres, I would have gotten around to doing something sooner. Now we have what I can’t talk about at all, Echo.

Death, though, my “father” is coming over today with a mattress. If he shows up, it might as well be with a coffin. A sad state of affairs, believing he is trying to kill me and so close to The DAY. My sister was in quarantine, and now my “father” wants to show up, hmm?

One way or another, it looks like I’ll end up on my back. Am I getting my house in order? Once again, I have the time. Only on top of cleaning and chatting away, I’m burying myself in depravity. I’ve been commenting on a new English girl because ain’t nobody thinking about Cherry. There’s been drooling around the Boobless Wonder and Tifa Lockhart. Damn, they both remind me of “HER.”

Doubt “Dad” will check my laptop or closet, stuff, and thangs… When Will Cleans House.

I Will Have No Fear

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