Gospel 064 ~Something Will MAID Up~

Last week it was schoolgirls, and today it was maids. Now I could use both, but if pressed, at the moment I could use a maid because I’m tired as all Hell and that Hell is coming in a few days “The Day.” Something Will MAID Up or my parents

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Gospel 064 ~Something Will MAID Up~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, hopefully before I’m married. Who knows my wife may understand my business? Not to sound like an asshole, but she may clean up after me. She may even speak Spanish, not that it’s a requirement. Now with maids well, if she cleans well and is hot as Hell, I can give her a job. To be honest, and I’ve spoken of this often enough, I drove away my last maid wanting to see her without her pants. More to the point, get into her pants SIGH, Okay. Today should be “happy” but T-Minus four days.

I talked to Inspector Echo yesterday about how I’m not “knocking boots,” “playing twenty-toes,” or the like. No, Dirty Diana, I’ve been on a cleaning kick. Do you remember “The DAY” I felt Okay up on the loveseat as we watched Twilight: Eclipse. Later on, I watched movies with Indiana Gone. Now that was the best DAY ever. Of course, you know what I want to do. I got two days off from the Day Job. I hate everybody there. But if there’s moaning involved, let it be Jade Jantzen, Ariela Ramera, or Ariella Ferrera.

Yes, I got all into fucking the Latina maid some time ago. I still hate my “father,” but he was right; I should have taken Spanish, and I did later, but I went to French class before that. Can’t speak either, but besides English, my second language says Money Talks.

Bella Rose, Abbey Rain, Mia Rose. Not that the lot of them required money, scene wise. One lost a bet, Abbey needed her hotel job, and who cares, Mia Rose is fucking perfect. She’s in my top five. I’ve already confessed, I clean the house before the maid gets here. The last girl I asked to clean well… yeah, I’m a bad man, I’m a bad, bad man. So seeing as how the next time we chat will be after “Existence Day,” thank you, M Anime. I continue to ask why am I going through all of this trouble. You should see how packed my coffee table is. It would freak out any woman the layers of filth. Oh, I don’t mean levels of dust.

I might be back to time-traveling so as not to work on Existence Day. Something I can blame on my Olds. Something Will MAID Up

I Will Have No Fear

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