Gospel 071 ~Blow Out At Will’s~

First, there were schoolgirls, then maids, now I’ve decided to go all out. It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to. Well, it’s not my tears I’m worried about, and with the pandemic, I shouldn’t be blowing out anything, however. “Blow Out At Will’s.”

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Gospel 071 ~Blow Out At Will’s~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means there should have been cake. Hell, I haven’t felt right since “Existence Day” as there was no steak and baked potato. I’ll Always Love My Mama, as the song goes, but the last thing I need is her reading this. I’m still thinking about something a friend was talking about. Am I wishing for love or someone with legs spread? As always, Dirty Diana, I’m all about the Yabbos. Now last week, I was talking about a maid and future Existence Days, but if I had cake, um…

Well, what guy doesn’t wish for a Three-Way? Even with my “experiences,” that’s something I haven’t done yet. I still have my Red Dawn Fantasy staring Alice Little and Ruby Rae. If I had a million dollars, she’d always say no. I have plenty of those fantasies. Ravishment is the polite term for it. I can’t even conceive why I have one Desmond Ravenstone’s books sitting on my coffee table. Today is supposed to be a good day. Only I didn’t read anything I was so tired. Yet if the book’s not enough to frighten… Speaking of scaring the ladies, I remember that lady in the parking lot asking for money. Hell, that was last year, and life is not one big porno. Why can’t it be Diana? It would’ve worked out like Street Blowjobs. To fuck a hot MILF would’ve been well um (drools).

Now that leads me back to MILF Dos. I’ve made it a week in NO FAP once again, which means I’m delirious outta my mind. If it’s not her, then it’s Cherry. I’ve always wanted to be a girl’s first, but at the moment, I’m in serious need of a blowjob and some big Yabbos. Not fake, but not that I’m judging some pornstars. Yet another thing on my wish list is to make a porno. More to the point, I want to make that my life’s work as I was speaking about yesterday. It beats carrying a shit ton of boxes of who knows what these days. However, what about my writing? If there is one scene, I return to in any book. It’s Rainey Summer Day, getting fucked by her Mom’s boyfriend in The Five. Recreating porno scenes and books… Am I weird?

A year older, wanting my candles; Blow Out At Will’s

I Will Have No Fear

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