Gospel 072 ~Writing Will Be Selfish~

I get accused of being prideful all the time but never selfish. Everyone knows what I spend money on, and I didn’t even go out for breakfast, but that was because of something else in my pants. “Writing Will Be Selfish,” and I should learn to shut up

Friday, September 11, 2020

Gospel 072 ~Writing Will Be Selfish~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but I’m still learning all the rules. Leave it to Monday being “Existence Day,” that I didn’t cover one. I did look up such and such instructions. On fixing the lawn trimmer, an email from Pinterest, and verification from… a secret. I should also mention Lady Sophia besides my “projects,” the little I’ve said of my sister’s birthday. It came right after Existence Day. I’ve missed saying Happy Birthday a few times and Congratulations. Here’s something; today is one more year down from the 9/11 attacks.

Writing or more to the point, my writing is quite a selfish undertaking. Now you ask me how I can say that? For example, don’t I share our chats with the world? Well, maybe not as much as Dirty Diana’s, but I want people to read. Words are weapons, Sophia. Taking a look at Twitter, didn’t I put myself to the hazard. Hell, it was DoubleMarshmallow @EroMaximus that was naked. Still, I said I wanted to see, so doesn’t that make me… Yep better not to voice some things, speak goodness so ok then yeah. Now I’m always sharing those Tony Baker and John Hunt videos with friends. For a moment, I was about to add, isn’t that innocent? They’re currently less Disney channel and more “So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel” like the song.

In truth Lady Sophia, I wish I could be more selfish. Now ask me why My Dæmon is scratching at the door. Writing hurts both of us in time. Ok, I have been out cold after cutting the grass and why’s that. My “Father” and all his words, so I know such raw power hm. I look to Pinterest, I think about Milfs Dos and Tres, Cherry as well. No woman appreciates being written about in such a manner. It’s far better than acting as a panty dropper for other men. And pornorific cornucopia, which is some of my journals. Entertaining as my stories are to me, I know that they won’t be published. I swear this morning, wasn’t I listening to all my motivations? Lady Sophia, I even came up with a new plan. I doubt Skye Warren or S. Wolf stoop so low.

Speaking of S. Wolf AHEM “Sex Zombies,” which is how I’ve been feeling and sleeping more. Writing Will Be Selfish.

I Will Have No Fear

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