Gospel 078 ~When Will Balls Out~

Well looks like I’m in for a bender over the next few days. SIGH, I was hoping taking time off for “Existence Day” would stick, but I only lasted 13 days, and so far, I can’t get past 12 hours. When Will Balls Out… if only I could make money my drug.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Gospel 078 ~When Will Balls Out~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, but don’t wealthy people only worry about money? They say more money, more problems, I say come give me the drama. I heard that in a song once, and I would kill for such issues. Today though, I’m all clear eyes, full heart as they say. Yeah, I hear ya, Dirty Diana; that means I broke again, and no, it wasn’t with fucking some girl. It’s Adult Supervision Required (Scene 2) with Brooke Logan. I value you myself on being creative but in the end, give me a hot brunette.

Hell, if I kept it complicated, I wouldn’t be feeling this way today. Sad but still Iron Will. Before Brooke, it was Cherry and her Mum. Both Mum and daughter, titties out servicing my BBC. Well, this is turning out to be another one of those conversations where I’m ashamed to even post it. One more reason to wish for wealth over pussy. Well, I am a proud American, Dirty Diana, wanting to fuck three girls from the UK. Two from Poland, Teen Kasia, and Misha Cross. God, the things I would do to some Russian girl. Okay, Will Turn-offs:

FEET!!! Sports with the following exceptions (Wrestling and The Olympics), Gospel Music, Water Sports, Pegging, Scat, Bestiality, Racists, Heavy Drinking, Meanness (Outside of a SCENE), Smoking, Foul Language in inappropriate settings, Overly Critical, Dramatic, High- Maintenance, Way too many Tattoos, Talking Too Much, No Intelligence Thoughts, Doesn’t Like Books, Reality Show Junkie, Ice Queen, Flirting With Others, Lateness, Dislikes Porn, Laziness, Long Fingernails, Narcissist, Picking Fights, Overly Religious, Addicted To The Phone, No Fashion Sense, Can’t Cook, Controlling, Not into BDSM, Faking It, Into Weird Diets, Doesn’t Know Anything About Gaming, Doesn’t Like Animals, Anything Against My Furry Kid, Masculine

Well, just like that, Dirty Diana, I’m right as rain. I should print this list out and tape it somewhere. As I’ve told you before, like Dennis Hof, when I cum I go looking for the next party unless I’m by myself. Last night I felt pretty fucked up and went to bed. Of course, that means I woke up late. Now, if I had been with, let’s say Ginny Potter and Becky Le Sabre, or should I stick with Cherry? Anyway, I would be wide awake. Sex is Coffee.

My personal heroin, like Twilight. Like When Will Balls Out

I Will Have No Fear

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