Gospel 124 ~Build Bridges And Not Barriers~

I’m swimming in words at the moment, and YouTube is one giant barrier. Not what I was thinking about in this rule. Ok, with “NaNoWriMo” starting, though. How best to stay connected with people and then again not. “Build Bridges And Not Barriers”

Monday, November 2, 2020

Gospel 124 ~Build Bridges And Not Barriers~

Hundred And Sixty Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so I can pay other people to be architects. Now you know what I want to build and how I believe people are connected. Of course, today isn’t Thursday; it ain’t even Monday. Welcome to the beautiful world of Time Travel Justice.
I can do even better; the first day of NaNoWriMo. Hell, if I did have the money I crave, I would damn well be putting some walls up. Speaking of the Republican tendencies, I square with sometimes. Let’s get to the most essential thing… VOTE.

Being an African American man, Madam Justice, I don’t tend to get along with my “kind.” If I was part of the 1%, I’m sure I would lie, cheat, steal, and kill like Trump. Sadly, I connect with black people more in death than life. Only that’s my bridge to know them, to Stay Alive. Some few days ago, yes, I was texting M. Anime and, in my roundabout way, trying to explain people helping others. As my mind works, three movies come to mind… The Core, Snow Day, and First Knight. If I haven’t said it before, R.I.P. Sean Connery, King Arthur. In The Core, Serge explains that saving seven billion lives is too much, but he could save three. In Snow Day, the teens say love is finding someone you can stand to be around for ten minutes at a time ha. God makes us strong for a while, so we can help each other. Now that’s beautiful.

That was First Knight, by the way, spoken by King Arthur, and my point is this. People have spent years, if not eternity, devising ways to keep people back. Yes, including death. Only God Knows Why this has become the crux of my existence. Well, not with the Imp, I know. Probably because he doesn’t talk, and here we have one more reason I am a writer. I want to know some people, I want to help, and at the same time, as the song goes, I Stand Alone. Yep um, less hermit and more Royal Castle. Ok, so thanks, Lords of the Realm 2 ha. However, today, it should be more about connecting with my characters. And blocking out everything else in this world. So should the rule change? To be like M. Anime and believe in people. To Build Bridges And Not Barriers.

I Will Have No Fear

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