Lesson 030 ~And Caesar Was Ambitious~

So Caesar heard nothing of the conspiracy, maybe because he was so busy talking he didn’t hear his own mind, his heart, or guts. And Caesar Was Ambitious but not ambitious enough to live a long life in his case

Monday, July 31, 2017

Lesson 030 ~And Caesar Was Ambitious~

Hey Lady Lu,
Yes, I would like to think that I am as well, you know I talk a lot about being “a simple kind of man”, “just be a man”, the everyday struggles of my life but yeah I have dreams. Not so many since these overnights but you know what I mean, Second Circle Creations, the title change, not dying alone, that sort of thing to be sure.

Anyway other than you I don’t tell many people these things, I will never discount the power of words but “don’t talk about it, be about it” but that’s from the song “Pass The Courvoisier” which leads me to a few lessons. First that maybe it’s better to be a loud mouth for a few reasons, though I wonder was Julius Caesar as such, too wrapped up in my own history nowadays. Secondly what about the stuff, that makes us so, I talk about biology but we both know there are things that while they can’t beat biology can be let’s say a deterrent of regular behavior for a bit.

Okay, let me start making sense or not because I’m about to get into my conspiracy theory and yes I sense a conspiracy to a certain degree. So we talked the other day about people filling the silence some but now they’re trying to fill my silence. In a way, I can understand girls who tell a guy as soon as he starts talking that they have a boyfriend, but they’re usually doing that because… okay before I get into that death trap, I said I love my dog, right below my dog is my love of so much silence.

If a person wishes to make me forgo my love of silence they better damn well be something special and while they are ambitious, they aren’t much else. Now why have these people become so ambitious all of a sudden, why are these people trying to “save” me from the dark paradise I have created.

Is it because I was ambitious, I’ve gone up for a few promotions and have lost them all because I am not ambitious enough and that means being a loud mouth? Now that’s rude of me but my dog is getting to be a loud mouth and what has that bought him but the sweet sound of silence in my library, one man’s heaven, can be one dog’s hell huh?

I think all these people talking to me are the symptom of a big problem, they want me to talk more and while I see the logic in such things, I just don’t want to. I want to tell people what to do but I don’t want to ring people up, doesn’t that say speak volumes to my anxiety. Of course, I want the promotion so I can make more money and eventually walk about the place when I move onto bigger and better ambitions but I can’t do the simple tasks associated with the job I’m trying to keep.

Because it hurts Lu, I mean it truly hurts, all the talking just drives me up the wall and you don’t even hear the real damage that is being done. The way my heart thunders in my chest, how I can barely catch my breath, and listening to people who look at me in some sort of way is like a bunch of knives plunging into my back. How it ended for Caesar I guess scratches him off the would be role models list doesn’t it but they say that he was ambitious.

Braxton is ambitious, and like I said his ambitious has brought him nothing but punishment, biting the hand that feeds you, haven’t I said before if I was a loud mouth, it would be nothing but a tapestry of obscenity. In a way that explains my musical selections these days, if only people could be like my musical choices, you listen to one song, you listen to another, and sometimes you just have to cut it off.

I’ve done that to myself in a way, I haven’t been taking any medication for a while and I’m thinking why did I start up again. I told “Indiana Gone” that if I did get the promotion I was going to have to be peppy, and the pills did that for a time, maybe I got a bad batch or something, so I finished them.

Speaking of medications, I’ve been thinking how best to combat Braxton’s problems as of late, what is making him the way he is, I’ve gone through the gambit of some unknown pain, a need for something, even neutering, though he’s an old dog. Is this what speaking up gets you, I’ve seen it a million times, all the loud mouths just going at it, speaking over each other, fighting for air, not to breathe but to talk. Maybe I’m just too exhausted for that type of nonsense but it doesn’t stop me from going back, over and over, because I am ambitious, I want more.

So what do all these people want from me, dare I think they actually give a damn, I’d laugh but I do enough of that trying to placate them. Everyone has an ulterior motive and that includes me, I was ambitious enough with “Ms. Seasons” so then the question becomes what do they want because I know exactly what I was looking for. Maybe I’m just a rock in the road that has to be dug up, a problem that has to be fixed to stop screwing up the universe.

Now don’t I sound ambitious, making this all about me but that’s yet another reason I talk to you because at the end of the day I don’t want Brutus or even Mark Antony, speaking for me, let them have you or simply silence. For now, what have I learned other than to want anything breeds disaster, don’t I sound like a Buddhist but I want plenty like any other person And Caesar Was Ambitious.

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