Lesson 136 ~Today Was A Fairytale~

It’s a love story baby just say… Will, no I’ll probably be the one that has to write it until I find her hand in mind at least for a little while. “Today Was A Fairytale”, at least the day I wrote about for a moment

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lesson 136 ~Today Was A Fairytale~

Dear Future Wife,
No Fear for I cannot say I’m an avid reader of newspapers, the internet constantly bombards with the headlines “the world is getting worse” … I suppose that’s why I chose to write about beautiful things. At least I will try but there isn’t a word for you, and though I attempt to pick out your qualities in my library, I attempt to mimic the words of Shakespeare, Neruda, and Rumi, whatever is a man to do?

I Love You should be enough but somehow it seems never to be enough to be with you and just say that and maybe that’s why I’ll always be reading. Now I can pick every dark erotica I know but why is it that I’ll be the Peeta to your Katniss, Tobias to your Tris, Dante to your Beatrice, Evan to your Cassie, don’t spoil it I’ve only read The 5th Wave and seen the movie. Maybe that’s what this love is, I’ve seen the movie but I want to know the book, the series, every word, line, empty space that is you and that’s what makes love complicated right?

I hope the world will get better but I think I will introduce our kids to stories of courage, bravery, of a world less mad than this one but I can’t say I will be a fairytale father with a princess or a prince unless we count Star Wars. Maybe there is a story here or there that I remember from a sliver of my childhood “Corduroy” by Don Freeman for example. We’ll never be the type to be Fahrenheit 451 unless we’re reading it and maybe my work will change at some point, though you might have a Hell of a time convincing me not to burn it, every so often, good luck huh?

Not even The Bible, though this isn’t a hotel room, even then much like Lord of the Flies or The Moonstone, three books I could never finish, nothing will be as forbidden as my own work in the end really. If anything I look forward to the day the words will flow so easily from my heart to my fingers and more importantly my tongue.

If you ever need a reminder of that, it might actually be the first nonfiction piece I’ve ever written but now Today Was A Fairytale.

I Will Have No Fear

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