Lesson 213 ~To Hold Your Hand~

Must like The Beatles, just saying, and I know plenty of women that have all the answers or want so much, but “I’m not saying she’s a gold…” anyway, I get why guys hold their girls’ hand when they go shopping. “To Hold Your Hand.”

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Lesson 213 ~To Hold Your Hand~

Dear Future Wife,
I Am Not Afraid Anymore, the hard part’s over, we were given two hands for a reason and if I find yours in mine then what else is there to worry me; maybe I will always be, but I want to hold your hand through it all. I might even applaud myself but you’re not my prize, my trophy, my ribbon, or my ball and chain, keeper, whatever else, you give me your hand and you become both question and answer, reason.

Two in a handshake, four honestly, how your father would kill me and yet respect me with the other as I respect him and understand fearing for my life that he would say no to bless me with your hand. Everybody knows my answer when my hand reaches over to silence my phone while the other stays in yours until it’s time to turn out the light. The reason I might be less of a gentlemen holding my son or daughter in one hand and keeping you in the other, I guess I haven’t been a father or a husband for long, but I’ll learn.

I will never question how powerful you were when your hand was crushing mine, how the ultimate strength is required to bring life and love into the world. The only answer I may ever need in this world is knowing you’re by my side, and for the rest of the world, I’ll have one hand, and you’ll have the other. What other reason could there possibly be for two, if love is all you need, as they say, idle hands are the devil’s playthings, and here I think I found an angel, my cheerleader, the story I could never write.

Though I suppose to be your knight in shining armor, or as the song goes “and if the bank man comes to steal it away” I’ll work to keep everything, and if I can keep the dog clean… well, dirty diapers here I come. The things these hands have done, are doing, and will, my mother was right when she told me always wash my hands; how could I have known when I was young.

One day the most beautiful person, my favorite, favorite thing I would ask forever from and The Beatles had it right so long ago I Want To Hold Your Hand.

I Will Have No Fear

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