Lesson 267 ~We’re Canceling The Apocalypse~

Every day is an opportunity to change and every day the world might end, but I think I’m too scared to do one and strangely enough, I think I might find a way to deal with the other one if the time comes. We’re Canceling The Apocalypse

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Lesson 267 ~We’re Canceling The Apocalypse~

To Will:
I Am Not Fine Today, but I will not die today either, you think maybe tomorrow and why, perhaps because you’re out of drugs, you know you’ll find yourself in the same place just later, and probably it’s just because you have survived worst. Isn’t that what life is, half the time people saying if you want something, “go get it,” and the other half “if it’s meant to be it will be.”

It could be a little of both you know; you walk through the fire of the next horror only to get through and wait for the next thing that is rarely good or maybe the truth is you’re running like something out of The Langoliers. How about Happy Death Day, possibly, if every day remains the same that would explain so much, you’re hurting, and it takes more time to recover because you die a little more each day but don’t we all. You might be trying to avoid what dreams may come; I know I’m honestly on a movie kick instead of music but while we are here making a list, six impossible things:

1. I Will Keep It In My Pants (Day 008 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
Completed (Day 015 No Fap)
2. I Will Be The Friend My Dog Deserves
3. I Will Finish Reading “Galahad Suns”
4. I Will Get Ready For Camp NaNoWriMo
5. I Will Finish My Tomb Raider Review
6. I Will Stay Gainfully Employed

Do you see how close you are in finding full completion but you don’t have to be afraid, this isn’t your bucket list this is merely showing that the world didn’t end and that as much as you wish it would there is a way? You know the rule “Rule 158 I’m Will, There’s A Way” and even if you’re not “high” like you were today, what are the odds that you won’t survive tomorrow, live every day as if it were your last am I right? “We can’t all be like that English tart you’ll be talking to tomorrow, “Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday” and such, that truly would be some makeshift apocalypse; “Knowing Hell You Fear Heaven,” did I hear a rule?

1. I Will Keep It In My Pants (Day 015 No Fap) Real Girls Are An Exception
2. I Will Be The Friend My Dog Deserves
3. I Will Survive Inventory Tomorrow
4. I Will Finish Reading “Galahad Suns”
5. I Will Review Pacific Rim: Uprising
6. I Will “Get Out” Of This House Once

What’s the worst that can happen if I ever complete these six impossible things, you know what is impossible finally eating before work and not getting sick but it happened; how about making it without going to the store until Thursday, you’ll see. Did you see Talia Lin Pepke in the store today, probably not but would the world have ended if you tried talking to her, opportunity tsk, tsk.

The world is ready for a difference, are you craving a change, and if you complete these six impossible things somehow, what’s next “The Twelve Labors of Hercules” sometimes you think bring it on and others We’re Canceling The Apocalypse.

I Will Have No Fear

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