Lesson 341 ~Peeping John, Dick, Willy~

Sometimes I feel like I’m not writing, but I am merely a spectator, I guess what I saw today is still processing so I let another eye on this, you know the one, and he hasn’t anything better to do these days. Peeping John, Dick, Willy.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Lesson 341 ~Peeping John, Dick, Willy~


Come In Dirty Diana,
Can You Love Me Again, well if they did Quasimodo, and Lenny Levine (Just Looking) then maybe I can buy myself some absolution as well after all love is a beautiful thing, and so is destruction? Now let me preface this by saying I’m not suggesting anything illegal, though let’s be honest where were you on the day of “The Fappening” and how about these past days *cough* Amanda Seyfried *cough*.

Don’t we all love a love story, why exactly were women going to see “Magic Mike,” what made “Fifty Shades Of Grey” a big hit, why is pornography one of the cornerstones of the Internet? Is it a lack of creativity on our part, could it be merely the beauty to somehow take part in or maybe it’s jealousy which clearly shows through; might it be dreaming the impossible dream. Hell, I have a picture of a naked MILF I would choose over any stripper or porn star, and here I was about to say the realness or maybe the forbidden nature of owning such.

“Why don’t they ever a make a movie about what happens after they kiss?” Jamie

“They do, it’s called porn.” Dylan, Friends with Benefits (2011)

Sad perhaps but isn’t that how we do everything nowadays, a screen, the glass, doors, walls, everything in-between. Only such a thing is meant to be private, and then we head into fetish territory. I’ve read enough erotic novels to be that hidden camera, the paparazzi, the fly on the wall, and if I had a girl to keep for myself would I suddenly put down all the books, turn off my computer, hell I would want her reading and watching too. Sometimes I would consider myself an exhibitionist… I’m not going to bother trying to defend that, but if it sits better with some I would like to be one of those couples into PDA, hand holding, kissing, dirty words and so much more.

“It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t “see” none.” ― Snoop Dogg, feat. Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Warren G, Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Can’t Have None) Doggystyle (1993)

Maybe it’s the fact that death has become so commonplace and yet we have to hide love and affection, we treat it as taboo and forbidden, and you know how I usually land right on one of those extremes, sex, and violence. It’s a shared intimacy for those who dare, some of my favorites being that scene in Sex Zombies by S. Wolf when the characters were hiding in the closet or “Lingerie” when Lacey watched Jason and Vanessa fuck.

It’s Only Love,” and yes people are entitled to keep it all for themselves, I’ll be the same way “no touching” but the feeling I get “Somebody’s Watching Me,” anyway well Peeping John, Dick, Willy.

I Will Have No Fear

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