Log 010 ~Man Made Monsters Will~

The freaks come out at night as the song goes, so tonight I decided to stay in, though in the back of my mind there is a former brain surgeon taking advantage of a robot he built, though I’m more for “natural.” “Man Made Monsters Will”

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Log 010 ~Man Made Monsters Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, which allows me to invest in Studio Fow. One of many interests, but as you know, I am one for the horror. Yes, my interest in Teratophilia is somewhat of a weird evolution. Considering I’ve written of the Dead, a Mold, and The Beast “ravishing” the living I’m only a man Dirty Diana, scary enough.

For women, it must be a regular house of horrors. This morning, of course, I caught myself looking in a mirror (shudders). Okay, not the direction I wanted to go in, but I have noticed a few gray hairs. One of the problems with getting old is I’ve seen too much; is that a problem? I was telling Indiana Gone about some old timer Disney memories, and back then I didn’t do fairytales. The thing is though I would DO Belle, I would tie up Elsa and fuck Anna. Am I sure I’m not a masochist torturing myself? I always liked the idea of Slave Jasmine, and I can continue. I’ve recounted the story enough that the first time I saw porn, I remember it was Hentai, Princess Ayeka naked. A return to innocence, hasn’t that always been my thing?

I’ve read the stories of guys hitting on Disney princesses in the park. Hell, there was that episode of TBBT where the girls dressed up as those fairytale pinups. Dangerous thoughts I know men transformed with primal lust. Only women have sought the fountain of youth more than any man. As for me, I only look forward when it comes to some dystopian society or hell I can go for aliens. It might seem strange how I write about women, and the idea of ordinary men being with them is a bit saddening. Plenty of books go along about healthy relationships. Others show the alpha male dynamic. Then you have either the older woman or the vulnerable young virgin. In my story, you have a man that rewrites DNA, a self-made prophet, and The Beast.

Monsters always get the girls, do you wonder why that is Dirty Diana? Yesterday I talked about what some have made me out to be, and you know how I hate to disappoint a pretty face. I know today hasn’t been so sexy but even my many monsters, these Tentacles need a day off. Loving My Man Made Monsters Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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