Log 011 ~How I Will Tomorrow~

“Some of you love sleep more than you love success,” Eric Thomas said, and that’s one more reason I should be; no I won’t get upset, positive vibes and tomorrow will be better I keep saying. How I Will Tomorrow

Friday, July 12, 2019

Log 011 ~How I Will Tomorrow~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and tomorrow I’ll have more. If that’s one thing that remains constant, it’s my need for more, for everything. Let’s have more words, time, money, fucking self-control (Language). At least today’s story isn’t about giving another chick money. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t quarrel with strippers, pornstars, models, you know I have hired and discovered quite a few. If anything, I would rather spend money and not another piece of my soul. Yeah, what’s another dollar for something I don’t use, ahem Brainbuddy, or Momokun.

Now that’s a “gripping” story, not paying to avoid porn or a grander stash. You see Lady Sophia some things that should be bigger, my cushion for my novel. Last week I was touting a five-thousand-word victory, and I barely got two thousand today. If only excuses sold so easy, B III was sick; I’m addicted to Marz, I napped too long. Hell the writing I did today I’m not too happy with, remember I was looking forward to The Corpse of Anna Fritz. The chapter ended a bit early, 2500 words as always, and I’m nearly halfway done, you know. I can still do worse, I had one character sucking a man’s penis, minus the man keeping it; too graphic? Today isn’t Thursday, and I was in no mood but this afternoon, dammit Momokun.

I could tell you all about my dream girl, umm Alycia Debnam-Carey. Anyway, I add all women all shapes and sizes, races too, though I do owe an apology to a Bailey now. Tomorrow who will be next, Chapter 12: The Horrors of Heavy Petting. What will Audrey do now that she knows she’s an Android? Do they have a plan to deal with those infected girls in the bedroom? Will Audrey continue to love The Beast. Hell will this book ever see the light of day. “Gulp” does have a chance of seeing a million Kindles if I pull the trigger and get it published. It won’t cost me everything and would be my way of testing the waters. One more bit of writing to ruin without playing. What did I say about Marz watching her entire “Heavy Rain” playthrough? Might as well spoil “Until Dawn” heard it’s fantastic.

Not like I’ve had time to play games with not writing, taking naps, and broken promises, How Will I Tomorrow?

I Will Have No Fear

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