Log 012 ~Can Only Learn Will~

Last week around this time I spoke about motivation, but today it’s been all about wasting time despite all the writing that I got done, and I can’t say I’m too proud of it, but I can always edit; am I serious? Can Only Learn Will

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Log 012 ~Can Only Learn Will~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Millionaire right now, and I don’t believe in Newspeak. A few days ago A&W said that even during a zombie apocalypse I wouldn’t get along with people. I hate it that he might be white; oh, excuse me, right. Anyway, I would like to think I would be reasonable considering zombies, but why do I want the dead to rise again? For one it might help with the novel I’m writing these days. Yesterday I asked the question about today and well 5000 words.

Can you picture this though, a BEAST taking care of an Android that becomes a serial killer? How about discovering a cure for the plague through sex with two girls at the same time? We also have another missing penis. Two sisters surrounded, and the Basic Bitch forming a religious cult. Sometimes Lady Lu people shouldn’t be allowed to write, speak, oh, and did I mention sing. More reasons for the undead, with all the moaning and everything. I have all but forgotten how much sex is in this pornographic travesty. Ways to keep me out of trouble without boobs come few and far between sorry to say. So have I learned anything today besides the fact that when I say I’m going to do something, I get it done.

If anything, it has been a repeat of everything, Youtube and Marz videos. B III is sleeping his life away, which would be better than what dad is doing. Enough of the pity, some bright side news besides writing? Bugs hate B III’s meds so no trip to the vet but he could still use a bath. BBQ is still good though the best is farther away according to some. One more day of keeping my pants on but how long will that last? Damn, I would say I have to relearn everything from those motivational books if I had time. I haven’t even been listening to my money playlist anymore. Even at the day job, it’s time for some hardcore rap. It gets me in the mood to deal with A&W and Captain Maple Leaf. I like white women, but the men make me mad as Hell these days.

As the song goes, This Is America but at the Day Job and with the real work, what’s that evil word? STUPID, if only people somehow Can Only Learn Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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