Log 049 ~The Greatest Teacher Failure Is~

Master Yoda was wise, but the Jedi were wrong and didn’t I sell all my Star Wars games at somewhat, “Indian Gone” would gasp. Hey, I like money and what do I do with it anyway. “The Greatest Teacher Failure Is”

Monday, August 19, 2019

Log 049 ~The Greatest Teacher Failure Is~

Ninety-Eighth Rule Madam Justice

I AM a Millionaire right now, but not a billionaire. If you don’t know me by now as the song goes, I’m obsessed with money. Second is porn, and the third is making a list. Didn’t I say I need to record my temptations? Downloading a Riley Reid Porn and searching American Teen Lily Carter. As for globally, there’s this European model Alissa. What is it about brunettes or girls with dark hair? Not that I can leave out Kagney Linn Karter. Anyway, the fact that I’m talking to you Madam Justice is a victory.

Only today I’m supposed to talk about failure. In all honesty, all I’m getting is try harder. Should I listen to my motivations that always say, be grateful? One more list to put down. Every Sunday, I have my Six Impossible Things, which is true enough. Of those six currently, I’ve failed one. It’s Monday, and I didn’t renew my Firstborn’s membership. So I’m blessed to know exactly where he is, in his home. I didn’t read last night, but I’m ahead. I could still lose myself in a pornographic haze, but we’re having a conversation. I’m not looking at hundreds of emails. How about I can remember enough of my last read book to write a review. Yes, I fail plenty, but each day I should be thankful that I get another shot but yeah that list to write.

  1. Firstborn
  2. Writing
  3. Money
  4. Porn
  5. Lists
  6. Gaming

Money only edges out porn, and I’ll tell you why. I didn’t buy any TTB videos yesterday. The Cosplayer still has videos. Again I’m ignoring. I didn’t take money from my most significant investment to date heading out Nevada way. Talk about a failure I’m still cringing over. I hate letting pretty girls down. Here’s another list for you Fear, Failure, and Fapping (LANGUAGE). I’m always afraid, so I hate myself. Fapping, of course, feels fantastic, but the moment after I get failure. I despise failure but again a great teacher. Remember Detroit: Become Human when Connor died, and I dealt with it. In Heavy Rain, Ethan got arrested, and I restarted that part of the game. So I learned what not to do, or I learned losing still irks me somewhat, I don’t know. Like Think And Grow Rich?

My life is failing; will I start learning? The Greatest Teacher Failure Is

I Will Have No Fear

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