Log 080 ~Will Needs Role Models~

As the song goes, I Need A Hero, well maybe not a hero but a teacher, a guru, hell I’m dominant in the bedroom, but daily life is quite vexing. To think they called Daria the “Misery Chick.” “Will Needs Role Models”

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Log 080 ~Will Needs Role Models~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Millionaire right now, but if I listened to Dennis Hof, I’d have more. If I got around to rereading his book and I am trying. I’m not discouraged today, well today of all days, Thursday should be the best. Hell, why not every day, according to my many motivations. The voices in my head Dirty Diana and for once I mean my headphones. I could use their success but nowhere near their path. We need, no I need, my heroes where are they?

I’m starting from the top, Dennis Hof. A man who went from owning gas stations to brothels and he was a Republican politician. I couldn’t tell you a thing about his policies but from pennies to pussy. I’m lazy only lying here, but he didn’t go to bed without a naked lady or his dog Domino. Speaking of going to bed alone, I still wonder how “he” spent his nights. A modeling director I’ve mentioned before, but you know I go through such and such moments. Sometimes I’m proud and others, scared to utter a fucking word. Not Sean Weathers though. Now I’ve never seen one of his films all the way through. The thing is he created such movies at all. Someone said he only wanted to get laid but can you blame him?

Well, I blame my modeling guru, that’s how I found out about Kaelin. I’m a big fan of hers and her “sisters” Kelsey and Kandace. I found out though that Kaelin passed away recently. So, of course, they removed her image from their archive. The girl I can’t have makes me want her even more. It makes me question why I can’t have a typical role model. Yes, like celebrities, but I was thinking more like at the Day Job. Some girl died, and I couldn’t tell you who she was to save my life. A naughty nymph dies, and I scour the internet. No, my “father” was never my hero, but he takes care of his family, moneywise. I’ve hated nearly every boss I’ve had at the Day Job. My uncle, directed films but he also cheated on his wife; could I be better?

Relationships like Mr. Hof, proud to say my name, create like Mr. Weathers. I do want a family but so many lifestyles Dirty Diana, Wake Up, Will Needs Role Models.

I Will Have No Fear

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