Log 122 ~Will Haunts The Racks~

Yabbos sounds like a brand of candy, but any Hocus Pocus fans might get upset because they know what I’m talking about; still, there are so many masks tonight, and we all know what some use Halloween for right? “Will Haunts The Racks.”

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Log 122 ~Will Haunts The Racks~


Come In Dirty Diana
I AM a Billionaire right now, and there’s no such thing as too many bucks, bears, or breasts. Can you consider it sacrilege that there is not one piece of candy in this house? I’m all out of sour gummy bears, and if kids came ringing, well I wouldn’t hear them anyway. The doorbell doesn’t work, my right ear is all screwy, and here’s one more B for you, I have a brain. Between NaNoWriMo, Norton, and Nuts, there is too much going on this Halloween.

Well, Dirty Diana, that’s part of the reason I’m not still downloading “covered Yabbos” there’s so much to go over. Hell, there’s never enough bucks for sexy Yabbos; not a Hocus Pocus Fan? Not a bad movie but something I didn’t need to know about it was Thora Birch. Now given my proclivity to witches and no I refuse to show you “those” witchy pictures. Anyway, you remember how I stared at Thora Birch when she grew up for American Beauty? Now those ladies and gentlemen were incredible breasts. It must be the same for people who watched Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams growing up. I remember General Hospital. Once Sabrina dressed up in a pink frilly nightgown with pigtails. Next, you see little Emma in the same outfit, so yeah, that fantasy is forever ruined. What about Cherry, SIGH. The beat goes on.

You’re asking me on today of all days it is All Hallows’ Eve mind you. Why aren’t I talking about masks, faces, horror? What’s scarier than a truck driver wearing a tutu, with a dildo up his ass? What, some books stick with you and Dennis Hof was quite descriptive. Thursdays I’m supposed to “be myself,” and for now that’s a man who likes boobs. Don’t ask me why and don’t be racist, saying I should choose asses, though I get it, closer to the goal. One more thing I should be planning on, that 50,000-word goal, and I couldn’t get it up to go outside. Now Yabbos do that for me, no doubt. I wasn’t thinking about Thora Birch’s boobs in The Walking Dead but Cassady McClincy, aka Lydia? Yes, I looked up her age “safety.” There are lots of slutty costumes tonight. You know how I’m one for cosplay, cash, and maybe I’ll close my mouth, send candy.

Only Will Haunts The Racks.

I Will Have No Fear

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