Log 121 ~Comes From Week Willed~

We’re only midway through the week, and instead of wanting everyone else to shut up, for once, I’m inclined to take my advice; okay yeah, people at the Day Job still talk too much. Come From Week Willed, the need for communication

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Log 121 ~Comes From Week Willed~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM A Billionaire right now, my daily, weekly, hell 365 thought. It’s a sin that I’m not doing more to make it happen, indeed living it at all. Inspector Echo it’s like I tell everyone at the day job, “Another Day” am I going to look up “RENT” the musical? We’ll get to everything I’ve been looking up. Why the delay? Now that’s the biggest sin for the middle of the week, me and my big mouth. I know I’m usually so late talking to you and the other girls. It is far better to keep everything in, but right now?

The more things change, the more they stay the same “THEY” preach. Do you remember how I got started, I found out Kaelin from TTB had passed away? Next thing you know, TTB takes away her sets, but she had a few on Teen Starlet. So as we speak, I’m downloading as many girls collections that remain; so far, 42 girls, not even half. How do I expect to get NaNoWriMo done? Well, my subscription ends tomorrow, and NaNoWriMo begins Friday. I have no inkling what to write about, and I’m still upset about my T-Shirt. Am I one to be talking about clothes or women now. The past two days, I’ve snapped at two. I haven’t heard from Indiana Gone in days. Out of the blue, I realized I haven’t spoken to “Okay.” Now what about Cherry, well damn.

A greater man than me once said: “(Will) shut the fuck up” (LANGUAGE). Don’t get me wrong, Inspector Echo, the Basic Bitch, was right. I was skeevy; I still hate that word honestly. MILF Dos stripped for me and said dirty things but didn’t like how I talked to her. The Rainbow Girl was right; I can be scary though I was nothing but kind to her. Now we have Cherry that says I’m repeating everything; other guys say wanting to get into her panties. Officially, Inspector, I don’t know how to talk to women, NEWSFLASH. No wonder I’m working on my porno collection, well modeling whatever. My tongue is weak, and my fingers are much too fast. Why do you think I want the Dead to march, or yearn for a world like A Quiet Place? My motivations today were talking about imagining what you want but saying it?

Sorry, Comes From Week Willed.

I Will Have No Fear

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