Log 129 ~A Tease Of Will~

Didn’t I talk about “Yabbos” last week, and here I am teasing myself to the point of madness this one or more the idea of them, though if you ask PornHub, a part of me likes something entirely different. A Tease Of Will.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Log 129 ~A Tease Of Will~


Come In Dirty Diana
I AM a Billionaire right now, and it sounds so much better than Millionaire. You know what word is annoying me today, though, TEASE. No, I’m not calling you that Dirty Diana, but you know I call women so much worse sometimes. Not in my novel, The “Wrist” of Playing Cronus, and it’s still so HARD. It’s only been twenty-four hours, and I’ve seen two naked models and talked to an escort. What about my model search, hell one more novel in the works. I still have to publish GULP, which requires reading and speaking of words I’m starting to hate:

Will’s Hated Words

  1. Skeevy
  2. Stupid
  3. Merge
  4. Happy
  5. Tease
  6. Freak

Sooner or later, I’ll have a top-ten, and should a writer hate any words at all? I was talking to Cherry today, and she’s a big fan of that movie, Lolita. Now that’s a dangerous word and why, longwinded book, a decent film, classic. What else can I say about it, Dirty Diana? So is the idea of legalized Sex Work; now did I mean for today to sound a bit political? I’m trying not to tease myself, which might explain why The “Wrist” of Playing Cronus is so tricky. If I were only writing a book for myself, it would be something else entirely. Who am I writing this book for then? I remember when I was in the shower, and I would moan about “Dirty Mom Tits” can you guess who I was talking about, hmm? For the record Breasts, Boobs, Milk Jugs, Dirty Pillows (yes, I’m a Carrie fan). Tits or titties might be one of my favorite words and images, DROOLS.

There are so many things I can’t say in The “Wrist” of Playing Cronus. Yes, I’m going to keep repeating that title until it turns me on. So am I saying it doesn’t right now; I’ve already named a bunch of the “muses” I’ve chosen so far. Funny for a man being so into breasts, none of the girls are true titans in that aspect minus the Hentai ones. Oh, and that’s another one, speaking of girls as opposed to women. Now that is a road I don’t want to travel down today. The last thing would have to be music. Anna Vlasova, aka Alissa, is helping with that, stripping in Marvel Charm, I’ll say.

Stopping A Tease Of Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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