Log 128 ~Will’s ANTS And Uncles~

Gratitude, okay there’s no ant invasion like last year when it started to get cold, I’m not super horny though I’m disappointed, and I have time to extend my lead in NaNoWriMo if I don’t get lazy. Will’s ANTS and Uncles.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Log 128 ~Will’s ANTS And Uncles~

Forgive Me Echo,
I AM a Billionaire right now but could be fourteen dollars richer, of course. Have I told you before how greedy I am, from my deep sleep to dollars and cents, and dolls that get me hard? Tomorrow is Thursday, I know. And you know I can say worse things about women, damn #NoNutNovember (LANGUAGE). So why am I sitting at the dining room table again today? Now that’s what I want to talk to you about now. I wish I could talk about that movie that played in my head all this afternoon, a wasted day.

First, let’s state the obvious, am I making “Dad Jokes,” “Puns,” or only dumb writing? Anyway, there are no ants in the house, and the heat is on. It’s been this way for what, a week? I’ve destroyed the world in nearly every story I’ve written, so yeah, I can take care of a few ants. Okay, another way of saying Ant is Aunt, and I’m no one to lecture you on the English language. I only have thoughts; my Aunt Lee Lee said I wanted to destroy the world. In a way, she had a point from me writing my novels to the games I play (something happens to the world). How about what I think the world of ha? Women, I haven’t watched The Handmaid’s Tale in months. Auli’i Cravalho is hot as The Little Mermaid. A young woman gained my attention yesterday, but I won’t be dumb, oh yeah this morning SIGH.

Am I saying uncle, throwing in the towel, waving the white flag or tissue with #NoNutNovember? I’ve spoiled the month, but I don’t want to, I have to fight, but the stress Inspector Echo has closed my window. I am going to try and salvage the day, back to writing, no more looking up Jade Jantzen as a Maid. It’s been my experience most real maids aren’t that hot. Yes, I do miss “Okay” some. No more, Auli’i Cravalho, but I think I will have a seafood night. One benefit of not being horny every single second. Cherry says she’s depressed all the time, but I’m horny but sort of like Joe from ChromiumBlue.com: The Eternal (2002). I had to take the edge off if anything, but I’m still disappointed.

I’m sorry Inspector Echo for my worry and wanton lusts; still Will’s ANTS And Uncles.

I Will Have No Fear

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