Log 130 ~Willingly Writing Z Day~

Great day of writing, but I got it done though at the moment I feel like something akin to the walking dead, and how dare I besmirch their name or even that of Z Nation with my novel. “Willingly Writing Z Day.”

Friday, November 8, 2019

Log 130 ~Willingly Writing Z Day~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now and winning NaNoWriMo. One day I have to get over what it’s like to sound positive about myself. Well, I wasted two days WHEW now that feels much better to say, but still, it’s unhealthy. Now, this is a good question, is anything I write healthy. I could go on and on about all the guys that got laid with my work. Okay, that should have been yesterday, but of course, you know what I did write about SIGH. You don’t, okay, well, that answers why I’m not published yet. Only let me be positive; the next chapter will be this, Knowledge Of Knockouts and Knockers.

Hell, if a specific website had its way, along with a particular model, I’m into the small ones. Let me count all the ways things get taken out of context these days. For example, “THEY” talk about trickle-down economics. The problem is wealthy people never know satisfaction. Earlier this very morning, I was listening to one of my motivations. So it says you have to fill your cup up first with the positive. How many times am I going to use the word “positive?” The same number of times I’ll say the title, The “Wrist” of Playing Chronos, right? I’m still on the idea of using the letters of the alphabet. So far, I’ve burned through B T H C G and I, so not much progress from last week. I got to keep telling myself, again, I’m okay, but I could be at least 16,000 words in if I hadn’t wasted those two days.

Okay, so what have we discovered so far? The “Wrist” of Playing Chronos is about a watch called “The Question Of Chronos,” one of The Thirteen Tools of the Gods. It follows the protagonist as he attempts to protect it from everyone and how best to use its powers. What powers do you ask; can you keep a secret? I said before that no one is reading this, but again who knows. Only that reminds me of Norton. Well, if you remember last week I was a nervous wreck. Now with the end of this week, there has only been one bout of weirdness but no warning emails as far as I know. Still, I rather talk about my story when I should be writing.

There’s no sex or zombies but Willingly Writing Z Day.

I Will Have No Fear

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