Log 131 ~I Will For Lust~

Between the time I wrote this and this evening, what a day is all I can say, but why should I worry as the song goes, no I should be working, and I did today, but well there is no but or let’s say other parts of the anatomy. “I Will For Lust.”

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Log 131 ~I Will For Lust~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now. I say that every day, but I’m not on drugs. Don’t do drugs kids, but if I’m done somewhat quoting movies let’s talk about today. No offense to those that have survived rehab, but I have that feeling right now. The impression that I want to get clean and what I did was the last time. Okay, so I’m a junkie that had his fix last night. Damn “No Nut November” (LANGUAGE), but as the song goes, “She drives me crazy, and I can’t help myself.”

Every girl I know would freak out because they would think I’m talking about them. Let me make this plain; love should be an obsession. I told my mother once that I didn’t believe in unconditional love. She read me the “riot act.” Uh oh, am I revealing my age, Ok Boomer. Am I done with history and current events? For the record, I’m a Millenial. Anyway, I guess I couldn’t take it, you know, putting five thousand words down and I was still going. One more “peek” before the end of the night, and I was looking up everything; I’ll give you a list. The thing is I keep going back and forth between thinking I have a problem and being myself. Hell, you need only read my novels, someone always owns a brothel, cathouse, whorehouse, the ideas Lu.

The Sirens:

  1. Brooke Logan
  2. Miki Hirayama
  3. Naomi Sakamoto
  4. MILF Dos
  5. Misha Cross
  6. Faith Seed

If anything, I need to treat them like the kind that I need to get away from, don’t I Lady Lu. Well, that makes sense like the “Anatomy Of Frickin’ Laser Beams.” Thank you, Austin Powers, and also the name of what, my ninth chapter. I’ve lost several “good” ideas from the shower, getting to here. I still owe myself five thousand words today. I’m so late, and I want something good for lunch. I even checked my account today, my math, when it comes to money? Yeah, I always thought I was better when it counted. The only thing I’m counting is going for one week and not caving. The “Wrist” Of Playing Chronos, still doesn’t have any sex, sense, or sanity. Chrono Crusade, Chrono Cross, so I will stick to “Chrono” Lady Lu.

The “Wrist” Of Playing Chrono, but I Will For Lust.

I Will Have No Fear

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