Log 182 ~Sometimes There’s No One There~

Last week I talked about moving, but the question remains where am I going and as for today, well other than making sure the dæmon and I are eating I haven’t gone far, because who else is there. Sometimes There’s No One There

Monday, December 30, 2019

Log 182 ~Sometimes There’s No One There~

Hundred And Seventeenth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so more money for me and dæmon. Today, which is Sunday, there were plans for a great many things. The thing is, nobody is watching me except Big Brother and the next scam artist. Now that last potential model wasn’t pretending but talk about saying no. No, I didn’t get up on time today, no my dæmon didn’t get his walk. How about no, I won’t be correcting today’s blog. I did finish reading Snow Angel last night. Let me enjoy my negativity while it last. No more come the new year, that’s for sure, do it.

Yes, I did double up on the dæmon’s bathroom necessities. I got double the beef thanks to Walmart and their substitutions. Yes, I found out my math was off some in my savings, so thirty dollars set it straight. Anyway one of the points of today is again, nobody is watching me at all. Why do you think I work so hard at the Day Job? I’ll always be working there if I don’t get out of this bed and do something. I don’t mean telling you the latest actress that caught my eye, Classy Cassy. Once again, no more complaining about everything. The fact that no one is watching should give me the freedom to do anything. Only, of course, you know where this conversation is going. My motivations often talk about what do you do when no one is watching. Well, I slept, sleazed, and now I’m slouching here in bed another day.

Now that’s what saps the most energy out of me, the FEAR that everyone knows. I call myself an open book, but what would happen if I lived up to that. More importantly, what would I become if I took on my life? I tell myself that the fans are there, the females, the family that consists of this second of a sleepy fur baby by my side. Everybody else has given up, or they have me pegged for a role. Peggies, oh, that will come in handy in Far Cry 5. When’s the last time I went a day without talking about that game? If no one is watching, waiting, or wanting, it shouldn’t matter how fast I move. Oh, there’s the man in the mirror. I avoid him, and we both know why.

Sometimes There’s No One There.

I Will Have No Fear

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