Log 183 ~Will Sees In 2020~

Well, it’s official, the last song of the year Always With Me Always With You by Joe Satriani then again who knows, I remain a day early in writing, but I still haven’t found love yet so? Will Sees In 2020

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Log 183 ~Will Sees In 2020~

Dear Future Wife,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and I believe in a thing called love. Am I going to end this year on a song; I guess we’ll see or hear. Drinking does funny things to people, and I still don’t like fireworks. So what do I see when kissing you, what do I feel? THEY believe that love is blind, and at the same time, THEY believe in love at first sight. Well, I lie with you in the darkness, and I am not afraid. I open my eyes, and all I need to see is you. My dæmon isn’t a seeing-eye dog, but he knows to find you, and I follow.

“It doesn’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine.” FTWD

I call you my Lady, my Love, Baby You’re My Light. Fireworks touch the sky by the hand of man. I will never be one for religion, but as in Willow, you are my sun, my moon, my starlit sky. If anything thy art divine. I’m sure we’ll cringe at these words when we’re older. One thing I want to leave in 2019 is being so fearful of what I see. Do I still believe that you’ll hurt me, which is why I place you so high? Like fireworks, I see you up there, and I know I’m safe but madness I think you’ll fall and what, burn me alive. The sun warms; the moon controls the tides and the starlit sky? I could wish upon a star right now, but what would I desire. You’re already here, and at midnight I’ll close my eyes and when they open again.

I’m a little Drunk On You, is that the last song for this year? You should have seen me trying to pick my first song for the new year. When it comes to you, My Love, well, you’re such a Wonderful Surprise and that song I couldn’t find on Spotify. A serious question, but what year did I find you again? One more worry for the new year but one we’ll see together, after a few seconds, minutes, hours. As always, I’m working hard to give you all my time. Or am I Saving All My Love For You? All I know is I’m still one day ahead and still working in bed. Hard Habit To Break, unlike my glasses, what big eyes I have.

Happy New Year from Your Big Bad Wolf, Always With You, Will Sees In 2020.

I Will Have No Fear

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