Log 193 ~The Best Will Ever~

I’m still looking towards an incredible future, like that old diddy Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town) yeah, and one’s the subject of every novel I write, and my first poem. The Best Will Ever, yeah

Friday, January 10, 2020

Log 193 ~The Best Will Ever~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, with no one to leave my money to at this point. No, I’m not suicidal, and focusing on the positive, I’m avoiding one bad habit. Of course, you know what habit that is; I’m going on Day 13. Is that also the reason that I’m sitting at the dining room table today? When I become that NYT Bestselling Brothel Owner, I’m sure this table will be worth a fortune. I’ll also have a family besides my little dæmon, but time travel is a tricky thing, Sophia.

Talking to you is today or rather “Wednesday” I’m still two days ahead. I’m not cynical, but today is about pain Lady Sophia. You’re the one woman in my life this second that isn’t the cause. Well, I could always give you form, or did I do so, once before. I tell myself I’m a writer, so I don’t forget myself. At this rate, I could use CliffsNotes when it comes to myself. Now does that explain why I repeat myself so often, take my novels, for example. Every single story, the main “CLONE” ends up running a Cathouse in one way or another. We also have my library, which is mostly from the erotica genre. Are you noticing a pattern, Lady Sophia? Yeah, Madam Justice, Dear Future Wife, Inspector Echo, Dirty Diana, you, Lady Lu. Then there’s the man in the mirror, owner, operator.

Knowing me, I’ll end up leaving everything I have to some woman. Not my mom or my sister, though, would money change anything. Even if it did, if that’s what brought them to the fold. The fact that I can say I want a daughter gives rise to the idea that I am a good man. I want a man that could love like me, now that didn’t sound creepy at all. One more reason I write apocalyptic tales, there’s nowhere to run to in the world. Any port in a storm right Lady Sophia? Well, people love God, and he knows everything, but here I stand surrounded by people who know nothing. Brothels, a bombed-out world, and broadcasting everything to only myself. These are the elements of my stories. No wonder I tell so many from the comfort of a warm bed most nights.

It’s not my death bed Lady Sophia, that’s the point of this year. Someday I’ll be The Best Will Ever.

I Will Have No Fear

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