Log 194 ~Does Will Like Company~

For the first time in life, I might care if the stock market is doing well when it comes to “Bollywood” but anything to move on from some people and forward in my life. “Does Will Like Company?”

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Log 194 ~Does Will Like Company~

Hey Lady Lu,
I AM a Billionaire right now, so that would make me part of the 1%. One more thing that separates me from the common man and yet I want the company. Well, not Eros International, but it’s a start. I finally have stock in a company, and again, it’s like two sides of the same coin. Now I want money because I can’t stand those people at the Day Job. Only I like being with M Anime; as I said the things, I’ll do if a woman is involved. Better still the things I haven’t done lately.

Is it me, or have I not mentioned Far Cry 5 for a couple of days somehow? Yes, I’m still the avid player with being captured by Jacob, freeing Jess Black. What about working for the Whitetails. Must everything sound dirty to a certain degree? On top of talking to the girls, I’ve been texting to the girls. Indiana Gone, Cherry, M Anime, I’m a regular chatterbox these days. Anything to not enjoy my company as it were. I could be worrying about the impending storm as the Day Job reached out only last night. Now Eros International doesn’t look so bad by comparison. What about my organization, you know, Second Circle Creations? At the moment, I’m the CEO, and how much is my company worth, I ask? I should add up what’s in my savings that right now is sitting on the nightstand this moment.

Again, how will I know until I get my other car fixed? Not looking forward to getting to know whoever they send to jump it, talking to my Olds, or talking to a mechanic. At least it’s not the Day Job. Don’t “THEY,” say it’s all about the company that you keep? If that’s the case, my priority is My Dæmon. My son, my companion, my prince, and if I’m not following some swaying hips, it’s his wagging tail. Now speaking of a tale, what about my story, well my poetry. Isn’t that how I intend to make my fortune? God was lonely, and he made himself a world. I’m not making such a grandiose statement, like Dante from The Walking Dead. Only Lady Luna, I made myself a universe, and I put more than money into it. Well, tell that to Outskirt Press ha.

Not their fault, but with everyone, Does Will Like Company?

I Will Have No Fear

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