Log 196 ~Hell’s For The Good Times~

Is there anything that entertains me? That doesn’t result in sin; well, there’s always my dæmon who I value over 99% of the populace and those people who do entertain me, well it’s rarely over a conversation. Hell’s For The Good Times I know so well.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Log 196 ~Hell’s For The Good Times~

Hundred And Nineteenth Rule

Madam Justice,
I AM a Billionaire right now, and depending upon who you ask, Heaven and Hell are still on the table. Both were looking me in the face today “Saturday” it was a pretty decent storm. You know how I tell myself stories to get to sleep. Now those have been from Far Cry 5 for the past few weeks. Anyway, while I was driving, I imagined I was flying for the Resistance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. There was also that scene in Star Trek Deep Space Nine when they pressed on to Cardassia Prime. What about Starship Troopers, flying one of their ships, and carrying groceries?

Let’s say being a Sci-Fi aficionado is one of my lesser sins. Okay, what I want to do with most of the leading ladies in those series is a one-way ticket to Hell. Heaven has never once shown me anything I want, or as the song goes, “peace of mind.” Sure, I want peace, especially these days. I keep telling myself I’m going to leave these young women alone, but I’m going crazy. Dennis Hof built his Heaven in an industry that most think would earn him Hell. If that’s the case, most of my heroes will be there. I was telling Indiana Gone yesterday. America excels at two things, meaningless sex and mindless violence. Everyone gets on me for the one, but hey, I can shoot all the cultists I want, along with a plethora of other crimes, Justice.

My Olds may speak of something different, but the church was never a good time. No, I’m not getting down on myself, only the facts. I still recall I got kicked off the Daystar Facebook page for talking about one of their girls. Okay, that’s more a story for Inspector Echo. Here’s a fact for right now, well I can’t tell you because again I don’t want to put that out into the universe. One sin, though, leads to such “restorative” pain. The point is, I want more because what does Heaven have to offer? Idle hands are the Devil’s instruments, but my hands are working right now. I want to build a Heaven that’s full of sin? Why not a Hell full of angels? In a minute I’ll say let’s return to the garden.

In the Garden of Eden, honey, I can’t stand boredom, Hell’s For The Good Times.

I Will Have No Fear

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