Log 304 ~Well HELLo There Will~

How does one avoid Hell and not live a miserable existence? Well, if I look at my life, I seem to be headed in both directions, as “Hot, Hard, and Horny” as I am. I’m not sick, well not that kind anyway. Well HELLo There Will

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Log 304 ~Well HELLo There Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now, by being, HOT, HARD, and HORNY as HELL. Well, I have read much about the way to Heaven, the straight and narrow path. As the song goes, the Stairway to Heaven. On the other side, the road to Hell is open and broad. The Highway to Hell if you will. If we’re talking about something being big to quote yet one more song, my Enormous Penis. What, Dirty Diana, I told you I was missing the music these days. Music was the escape, and Love is the promised land, but LUST is so welcoming now.

I should shut my mouth okay with these ideas, but I want to close a woman’s instead. If I could speak no evil, then chances are I would never talk at all. Sex allows me to be quite vocal, but even that is a competition with a woman. One more reason to like blowjobs, I guess. Is that an evil thought? Since I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m the “darkest” person I know, how best to silence myself. A woman’s screams, of course. Hell Dirty Diana, it’s like I became “Cade in The Eve of a Cherry,” he needs “HER” pain to hide in. I only now saw that, which leads me to “see no evil.” Dirty Diana, that is what I’m having the most trouble with now. Am I calling pretty, pretty girls evil? It’s my one-eyed monster that is seeing too much.

Should I say no, considering I’m usually busy in the shower? Again with the music, I Want To Hold Your Hand. I’m trying to keep mine busy though, that’s why I like handjobs too. A writer’s fantasy and would make me a better one if I could keep both hands on the keyboard. Would my heart be in it, though? What heart you’re asking yourself and above all else you know I LOVE boobs. Yes, I still somewhat regret using that word. But I was talking to Inspector Echo yesterday about so many tits. It makes me sound like an ass, doesn’t it? Being a black man and yet I was always more boobs than ass though if you read my novel, half and half. Am I not going to talk about the ahem pussy?

For now, you know I know the path right to Hell; Well, HELLo There Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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