Log 346 ~When Will Got Bunk’d~

Oh, the things I want to do in bed, well maybe three things, sex, sleep, and anything and everything to keep the story going, though what writing have I been sharing this week? Words can work, like any other sex toy. “When Will Got Bunk’d?”

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Log 346 ~When Will Got Bunk’d~


Come In Dirty Diana,
I AM a Billionaire right now and should have thought about that title. Well, how much is the WWE worth, and if you recall, they named a team, The Submission Sorority. Now you know I’m no genius, but I knew that was a porn title. Anyway, as glad as I am that Peyton Roi List is of legal age because I want to fuck her, let’s stick to my writing. Yes, I know I want to form a company grander than the WWE or Disney someday ha. Only where to begin? How about the business of making people want to fuck?

Guys like me, hell, I’m a guy like me. The thing is I forgot, let’s say my “Superpower.” I was only reminded of it last night. I’ve said before, much as Dennis Hof preached about having sex. Then immediately searching for the next party. How to fucking stay awake, well by fucking. So I haven’t been laid in quite sometime hmm, and how is NO FAP going, you ask? 22 days, 21 hr, 7 min, 24 sec so almost a month. I was ready to break yesterday when I was reminded of Dollydicker’s pretty little tennis star. To be fair, I was working on something for MILF Dos. That’s what clued me in of the power these fingers have. Funny I mention, superpowers. Then there’s the whole great power and great responsibility line. I say we can’t all be Spiderman or Captain America, etc. Did I mention I want to fuck Emily Vancamp, “Sharon Carter?”

I told Cherry once that I find swearing crass somewhat, but if there was ever a time? How many times did I use the words “Drips and Drops” in my book? As many times as I’ve used FUCK, but how do I know? Today I finished another round of edits, right this morning. I’m pretty tired, but wasn’t I yesterday but and even back in high school writing for the boys? All so they could make the pretty girls panties drops and what was I doing alone. As Jayne from Firefly put it, “I’ll be in my bunk.” Doesn’t sound like much, does it? Only when I rediscover my power, a gorgeous woman is telling me I made her wet, and she’s going dildo shopping. The power of words Dirty Diana, written right here from my bed, her compliments, fuck.

So, When Will Got Bunk’d?

I Will Have No Fear

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