Log 347 ~Chalk It Up, Willy~

Can I read the writing on the wall because I couldn’t see it on the chalkboard when I was a kid, so that explains my grades, but it wasn’t as if they were teaching the facts of life or anything? “Chalk It Up, Willy”

Friday, June 12, 2020

Log 347 ~Chalk It Up, Willy~

Hey Lady Sophia,
I AM a Billionaire right now, which means I probably have someone taking my calls, messages, etc.

The problem is, nobody knows me that well, and like the dumbest president in history, I must explain myself. It’s like being back in school, I could never see the writing on the wall, or the chalkboard, yeah my bad.

Is it any wonder my usual writing is always a mess? Hell, I’m still “agonizing” over my time traveling ways from Grateful Reasons 259 to 260. Today, let me focus on the writing of others, who are nine times out of ten women; surprise, surprise. Right now, my favorite is MILF Dos. I’ll admit I didn’t know she could be so naughty but her messages? Every time I get one, I jump with excitement, and for once, I’m not fearing my phone. Again my glimpses of the future usually don’t pan out, but what I see with this incredible beauty?

For one thing, she reminds me of one of my top five favorite books. I’m a man of contradiction because this particular book was written by a man. W. Anton talks about how a woman will LIE to everyone else for a guy she likes. Talk about no higher compliment.

“A woman will call in sick to stay in bed with you in the morning if you have time off from work but she doesn’t, and girls will tell their mothers all kinds of creative stories to avoid going back home at night when they like you a lot.”
― W. Anton, The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them

“For example, just enjoy the show when a young girl is sitting naked in your bed and her mother calls her asking where she has been all night, and she starts making up a random story about sleeping over at a friend’s house because the last night bus — that she was supposed to go home with — never arrived, and she did not want to call and wake anyone up, then the batteries in her phone died all of a sudden, but right now she is sitting in a taxi on her way home, but there is so much traffic that it might take a long while until she is back home.”
― W. Anton, The Manual: What Women Want and How to Give It to Them

Then there are the women who insult you, like my boss. I don’t know what excuse she’s writing down as to why I won’t work today. Didn’t I tell her the truth, Lady Sophia? I hate working HOME & KIDS. You know how I feel about feet, so no SHOES. I worked AMAZON for five minutes and had a Panic Attack. So sitting here right now, there’s a tinge of guilt that I’m not going because I can’t take it. She might start writing something else for me… I’m glad I finished my book yesterday.

As for other writers, well, I’m still not talking to Cherry. She hasn’t written anything to me since I sent her a few chapters of my book. I have a tendency to write the wrong thing. It’s like quoting that song Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off. M Anime is soothed at the moment. The text the two of us pass over so many days, talk about, going the distance. Of course, Indiana Gone is my constant and second BFF next to my kid. MILF Dos, though, wow THE FEELS.

Always revising my reading list, well, Chalk It Up, Willy.

I Will Have No Fear

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