Sweet Something Speak

She looks at me, I look at her and pow, or maybe boom; hearts say so many things and we’re listening or I’m listening, can’t speak for her. “Sweet Something Speak”… sweet nothings but lovers have their ways but me, I can’t tell her this way, that way

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And what god was encouraged
That the stars became wishes
for winds to give breath?
Only there was nothing left
to say but this…

Why is everyone nervous
speechless, without words
Now see what you’ve done
“Two of the lucky ones”
Him and her
Thinking “love me, love me”

How’s that for a purpose
To love, to be loved, to be loved
“I love you”
“Love me like you do”
We don’t say these things because
It’s a little bit funny

But where is my courage,
in bed sheet receipts?
Dreams instead of plans
“I want to be your man”
said in so many heartbeats
Or so I was wondering

I’d say something
like, I want to know what love is

Copyright © 2015 Second Circle Creations, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

Inspired By: Elly Tran Ha… Elly Kim Hong, The Script “Nothing”, The Droge and Summers “Two of The Lucky Ones”, Cardigans “Lovefool”, Jackie Wilson “To Be Loved”, Ellie Goulding “Love Me Like You Do” Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack, Elton John “Your Song”, Zapp & Roger “I Want To Be Your Man”, “The Gargoyle” by Andrew Davidson, A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera “Say Something”, and Foreigner “I Want To Know What Love Is”

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