Episode 095 ~Listen To This Will~

I don’t like fireworks, my dog barks for something which while better than most people can still get annoying and then let some pretty girl say something to me and I’m all ears but unoriginal. Listen To This Will; I’m good at that

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Episode 095 ~Listen To This Will~


Come In Dirty Diana,
How to make One Million Dollars, what and not the rules of a threesome from “Lingerie” or “The Purge” believe me when I say that you can find inspiration almost anywhere and then there’s sex. I’ve heard that war never changes and then somebody else will say that war has changed but sex can be just as primal but that doesn’t mean one cannot be creative or at least I want to be, something to the tune of Didn’t I blow your mind this time, truthfully.

I can tell women a lot about the stuff I know; today I had quite the engaging discussion with a woman about books; I sort of lose that strong and silent type approach… okay like I’m ever considered buff, but that’s another story. Most of the time I want people to shut up but when it comes to a pretty girl well… let’s say I either like my women moaning and screaming, I still have that “Exploited College Girls” fantasy you know “say you’re my little whore,” and I can go dirtier. On the other side of the Oreo, tying a girl up with her bra and stuffing her panties in her mouth; I know you must be wondering what perverted things I must be watching and listening too right?

Speaking of fantasies and my “great” creativity, the latest ideas I’ve had is some bondage with winning medals, sort of Olympian, red, white, and blue, school colors and the like; I think I told you before that leather and normal rope, rarely do it for me. Another idea was yes inspired by The Purge the TV show; I even made a Pinterest board for that girl “Penelope Guerrero” played by Jessica Garza… the wicked, kinky, wanton things she and Melissa would have done to stay on that bus. Finally, I keep thinking about what I would have done if I could play that scenario with the mom in the parking lot all over again, what women do a for money, what men will do for women, hell I nearly spent so much money today because of a woman, no sex involved but gaming… Homer drool.

I was so angry at Leonard from The Big Bang Theory when he nearly sold all his things because of Penny but how weak we men must be, but do I truly desire The Sound of Silence? If somebody reads everything I’ve said here, the ticks of a clock within my head of me wasting time, the fantasies I turned off so I could finish this, and the worries I can’t drown out for anything so, Listen To This Will.

I Will Have No Fear

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