Episode 128 ~A Willing Shoulder Please~

As the song goes, put your head on my shoulder, I’m sure plenty of people are doing that tonight, worried about the fate of the country, but I love America, and I’ll love an actual person someday maybe. A Willing Shoulder Please

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Episode 128 ~A Willing Shoulder Please~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, first off I don’t think you ask for it but is it strange to say it’s a gift; I’ve said before I didn’t like how Aloe Blacc sang that love is the prize and while love may require one to Work, Hustle, Kill, heavy the head that wears the crown. That’s one thing I don’t miss, “trying” to figure us out, and yes I’m always ready to quote Master Yoda, but today I find that love can be as easy as finding the left shoulder to lean on in a way.

Yes, I said left maybe because it’s Election Day and I’m hoping I won’t burst into tears… nah never about politics, probably something more stupid but yes my son will cry and show teeth. So you know when he’s an angel he’s at my left sleeping; when playing a devil, little bit stays to my right, you probably remember this when you first came over and even when there’s love, my first born demands it all, so he sits between us. I can also say with great certainty, that my shoulders are comfortable, two people went to sleep, one during church which is understandable, an another during “Revenge Of The Sith” I’m as amazed as you are my love honestly.

You also know I’m not the most positive man and I don’t mean anxiety (this time), no I might play the Devil but when it comes to all of us “We Are Groot” because sometimes all you need is a few words or none. Maybe I’m thinking of the cross we all have to bear, and again life shouldn’t always be like that, I swear Atlas never had it so good, to hold you here on my shoulder. It could be that when you cry, the tears reach my heart or maybe I need a new wardrobe, lipstick is always a better excuse than Kool-Aid, trust me I know love.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a shoulder from someone to lean on I wonder does it make me weird that I want to lie in your lap, if it works for my first born, maybe he takes after me, always finding a new comfy spot, to feel love, or to go to sleep. A new way to find peace and we need a piece of somebody else, and All Of Me, loves all of you now but when this all began all we needed was A Willing Shoulder Please.

I Will Have No Fear

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