Episode 135 ~One Reasonable Willing Anesthesia~

As the song goes, you shook me all night long, or several seeing as how it’s NaNoWriMo month, so I’m falling in love with writing, or maybe I should say “it’s complicated, but it’s getting there. One Reasonable Willing Anesthesia.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Episode 135 ~One Reasonable Willing Anesthesia~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, well you don’t get anesthesia on how you made the first one or the last one, the middle though can get a little fuzzy; reaching out trying to connect in this California King Bed. My Love, I wish I could start Back At One, sometimes it must feel like I’ve been out all night and to think I can climb back in bed and you would be waiting for me, that the first of December will be here soon enough right?

Do I think that one word will be enough for you while I share fifty thousand? A prisoner in solitary singing Just My Imagination running away with me, as I think about the day we first met and the day, it will be just you and me. So do I forget about everything in-between, not when I’m at the day job, not when the dollars start rolling in, not when I’m across the country, the ocean, or the other side of the world? I could never outrun the love I have for you, but I recreate the universe from home, and here I feel so far away from you, one more reason writing requires nothing more but to sit here and bleed… did I honestly say that, hehe “no regrets.”

Now seeing how I write my novels, notably taking part in another NaNoWriMo, let me say that once upon a time I read the most dangerous thing on Earth is a man with nothing to lose but also it was a woman who was defending her children. I began writing because I needed to find that man and when that was over, I wanted to see that woman, and in doing so, I discovered us, and I know, as always I’m overthinking things. It’s like the one time in four years, (barring professional wrestling) that I get lost in the Olympics, the one time in my daily life (usually 1.5 hours) I want to read, and now this one month.

Usually three counting “Camp NaNoWriMo” I want to write, and the reason I do is always for one, the love of the man I want to be, the love of my art, and For The Love Of You. So I’m not apologizing for this one bestseller, hopefully, several considering, for the one time I forget I’m not “a *ahem* P-I-M-P,” and here I have only realized I write “Harem Romances.” I guess making up for the one woman I love with everything I am, I love you but my writing baby girl this indeed is my One Reasonable Willing Anesthesia.

I Will Have No Fear

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