Episode 142 ~Will, Defend To Keep~

Last night I swear I heard a crash and I’m rushing to defend my first born with The Walking Dead collection, I can only imagine it would have been a million times worse if I had the rest of my family… but not yet. Will, Defend To Keep.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Episode 142 ~Will, Defend To Keep~

Dear Future Wife,
How To Make One Million Dollars, don’t spend all the money on security alarms, ant baits, and guns but wait This Is America and if anything bugs are everywhere but you know I’m honestly a clean freak, you remember every time you came over In The Beginning? Could you call that a bachelor pad; enough room to have a library/”B III’s” Room and a gaming den or movie theater but that’s giving myself too much credit I suppose, but I do enjoy our movie nights as always.

Now I know the kids will see things under beds and hear them in closets, I’ll listen to the Careless Whisper from someone when they watch us, and I would say I’m more of a lover than a “warrior,” still “Triple B” can tell you about us walking and people and animals starting trouble. Speaking of which though, maybe that’s why I spent so much on this big house, rephrase that, on our home, never running away from my family but with these hands, yeah I can put together a coffee table… in two days’ time maybe. Two bookshelves, an entertainment center, cut the grass, kill ant beds, change light bulbs, again me and my OCD with cleaning and whatnot.

You want to know what frightens me; when the phone rings and you have a flat tire, heaven forbid I have an accident with our little ones, dead batteries in cars, even changing the oil. The night the smoke detector goes off, be it a fire or not, the day I hear something crashing like last night and I’m running downstairs with “Lucille” and “Carol’s Bowie” if you don’t get those references then why are we even married… the obscenities I’ll shout when I see one black speck crawling across the floor or tub with a hundred of his closest friends. A King must earn his keep, prove what is his to keep and defend his Keep and last night feeling as though everything was crashing down around me. I suppose that’s why I have a Queen, a reason not to look for an enemy, to worry about the stones that will fly, fall, and find us someday, someone to share all of my concerns.

My baby girl, my love, my wife, it is in my heart you will always stay but can you blame me for needing to protect everything else I love about you, everything of us, showing our Two Princes how a man must behave, my princess how a man should be for her. What does that make me if I can’t, no I will make it, even my “father” *sigh* he looks after what’s his, and my family will always come first so come wind, come wrack, the slings and arrows and outrageous fortune, with you yes, Will, Defend To Keep.

I Will Have No Fear

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