Episode 167 ~Will In The Hood~

Is it that cold outside that I rather stay under the covers, that I need my hoodie and my coat, that already I’m thinking I’m going to make this day better than yesterday by killing the man I was but when I take off my hood *sigh*. “Will In The Hood”

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Episode 167 ~Will In The Hood~

Hey Lady Lu,
How To Make One Million Dollars, start a cult and have all my followers where robes with hoods and seeing how other churches pocket the cash honestly, join the Republican party or the KKK. My apologies Lady Luna I didn’t mean to start so darkly. Still what time is it? Around this time I should still be dreaming of my life so much better than this, but like I was telling Indiana Gone the other day I’m still heavy in my Motivations especially “Waking Up at 4:00 AM Every Day Will Change Your Life.” Can’t say I’ve noticed a change considering I usually wake up at 4:00 in the morning or even 3:00 for the stuff I have to do other than what I want to and can I say I want to be awake comparing myself; when did I get into these comparisons these days anyway.

For example, the man I and under the sheets, I can be anybody, like a child I feel safest under the covers and then I dare call myself a dominant, your best friend or your worse enemy and then again I thought I wanted to be successful. I spend far too much time dreaming my life away, eyes covered to all the horrors I see in this world, of course, terror is in the eye of the beholder I believe.

Which then leads me to books, do we even want to talk about my stories, cover to cover, the man I am when you lift it, not that I’m publishing anytime soon am I right, I might as well be an executioner killing my dreams. However, I don’t need a hood for that, though speaking of books, you should have seen me last night struggling as I wanted to share all these titles I’ve read with “Okay” but that list was the tip of the iceberg, if she looks deeper under the hood, at the man I am… how did “Cherry” put it “Spank Bank.”

Yes, I can be scary, though according to others either I’m a horrible human being or suicidal and when I put on my hood, pop in my headphones and head to the Day Job, I’m Schrodinger’s Cat entering the box. Live or die, it should be my choice but a person’s word or actions, when I emerge after my shift, has a part of my soul died, am I Alive; if some humans declare themselves as the children of God, the face as it were, the clouds are a pretty good hood to be had.

A hood that everybody wants to go to but Nobody Wants To Die, so you get busy living or get busy dying and I prefer getting busy period, and while I was thinking about taking a picture in my new NaNoWriMo hoody, I took a look at my face, no way, Will In The Hood.

I Will Have No Fear

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